16 Best Latin American Pet Food Companies in 2022

In 2022, Brazil-based pet food companies had the highest annual revenue among countries in the Western Hemisphere colonized by Spain and Portugal. South America’s most populous country was home to four of the most prolific Latin American dog, cat and other pet food companies in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database.

1. Special dog



The specialty dog ​​company was born in February 2001 in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, in the interior of São Paulo. The company quickly reached the rank of one of the largest industries in the segment in Brazil. Exporting to 13 countries, the brand operates in more than 38,000 sales points in 8 Brazilian states and the Federal District.

2. BRF Pet SA



As a result of the acquisitions made in 2021, BRF reported a 33 percent revenue increase in its pet division. BRF became a major player in the Brazilian pet food market with the acquisition of established manufacturers Hecosul and Mogiana in 2021. The company paid R$1.35 billion (US$234 million) for the two companies. The acquisition will give it 10 percent of the Brazilian bedfood market, the company said. Hercozul manufactures and distributes dry and wet dog and cat foods with brands such as Biofresh, Three Dogs, Three Cats, Primocão, Primogato, Apolo and Átila. It has plants in Ivoti and Vaccari in Brazil and a new plant in Doctor John Leon Mallorca, Paraguay. Mohiana’s product portfolio includes Super Premium Quabi Natural, Gran Plus in the High Premium segment, Farro in the Premium segment, Heroy in the Standard segment and in addition to Cat Meal brands. The company operates with a strong presence in the Southeast region, exporting products to countries in the Caribbean, Europe and South America. For this purpose, the company has two manufacturing units in Campinas and Bastos, Brazil.

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3. Premier pet



Premier Pet started in Brazil in 1995 and launched its first brand after two years of research. Premier Pet, owned by the agricultural company Grandfood Industry and Trade, sells dog and cat food through pet stores and veterinary offices. Premier Pet is located in a large complex with a 41,000 square meter factory in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Instituto Premier Pet is the non-profit arm of the company, which supports various social causes and promotes research, studies and activities aimed at improving the health, quality of life and longevity of dogs and cats.

4. Total Alimentos S.A



Total Alimentos, owned by ADM Animal Nutrition, uses the technology to create wet food flavors in its dry food. Total Alimentos has private label partnerships with several major companies including Walmart, Carrefour, Xtra/Canino, DentaClean and Kelco. Total Alimentos also contains animal feed for a wide range of species.

5. Karosi Companies



Since entering the pet food market in 2011, Empresa Carozzi has pursued a string of acquisitions to become a leading South American supplier. The Chilean company is a subsidiary of Carozzi SA, which is already active in international food and agricultural markets.

6. Champion Pet Care



Champion Pet Care is a privately held Chilean company founded in the mid-20th century. The company is engaged in research, development and production of animal feed. Champion markets through three segments: pet food and other products for dogs and cats, horse nutrition and eggs.

7. Pillar Group (Jepsa Pet Foods)



Grupo Pilar is a leading producer and marketer of food for companion animals in Argentina through its Gepsa Pet Foods division. With 11 brands of pet food, Gepsa offers a full range of price points for dogs and cats. Gepsa Pet Foods also manufactures for private label.

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8. Campi Alimentos SA de CV



CAMPI is part of Bachoco Industries, a leader in the Mexican poultry industry and one of the ten most important producers in the world. Pachoco’s main business is poultry, eggs and balanced feed. CAMPI has been manufacturing pet food for over 40 years.

9. Agroindustries Baires



Agroindustrias Baires is based in Argentina and produces dry dog ​​and dry cat food. The company has nearly 105,000 square feet of manufacturing facility.

10. Nutec Group



The Nutec Group, formerly Nueva Tecnología en Alimentación, produces pet food for dogs under the Nupec brand and for cats under the Matisse brand. The Mexican company also produces feed for piglets, horses, calves, deer and chicks.

11. Italcol



Italcol manufactures feed and compounds for a wide variety of species including cattle, horses, fish and pets. It operates 18 plants in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama. Italcol has over 15 years of experience in the pet food market, supported by Italcol, which has over 50 years of experience in the production, distribution, sale and exploitation of concentrated animal feed. Italcol Pets claims to be the largest pet food producer in Colombia.

12. Belina Montes de Oro

Costa Rica


Belina has 15 years of experience in animal feed manufacturing and distribution. In 2020, it generated sales of US$34 million across three businesses: pets, farming and aquaculture. Pet Line is well-suited to the Costa Rican market with approximately 70% of sales through its own and approved brands – Balance, Supercon and Gourmet Blend – and distribution by Nutrisource. The manufacturing process is carried out in the manufacturing plant located in the province of Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, while distribution to the entire country is carried out from its own logistics center in Alajuela. In total, Belina currently employs 225 people.

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13. Rinthi S.A



Rinti sa is a Peruvian company specializing in the production and marketing of dog and cat food. The company exports its products to countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama.

14. Malta Tex de Mexico (Malta Clayton)



Malta Texo de Mexico (maltaCleyton), a subsidiary of ADM, specializes in the production and sale of animal feed and pet food. The maltaCleyton line of foods and treats for dogs and cats is sold through self-service stores, wholesalers and distributors.

15. Pachoco Industries



The company was founded in 1952 and became a public company in 1997, through a public offering of shares on the Mexican and New York Stock Exchanges. Pachoco is a vertically integrated company with operations in Mexico and the United States with its headquarters located in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. Its main business lines are: poultry, table eggs, balanced feed, pork and further processing products of beef and turkey. Pachoco owns and manages over a thousand farms, 9 processing plants, 9 further processing plants, 2 hog processing plants, 23 feed plants, 22 hatcheries and more than 80 distribution centers.

16. Nu3 group


No revenue data

GrandPET is the pet division of Grupo Nu3, an agricultural and food company founded in 1985. The company started with pig farming.

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