Tech expert predicts virtual sex will be possible with metawares in 10 years – FireWire

Virtual sex is a phenomenon that began to be explored in science fiction in the 1980s. Now, it looks like this will be a common occurrence with progress The digital age. At least that’s what Sam Hall, the mastermind, thinks Mixed reality roomsThanks to Metaverse, who dared to predict that intimate procedures through devices would be possible in at least 10 years.

When talking about virtual sex, this expert says that one feels what a person is doing, but all through a device. Metaverse offers images and we know it needs to include devices with haptic technology.

Haptic technology refers to technology that uses haptic feedback to simulate the sense of touch in electronic devices. The term „haptic” relates to the sense of touch. This technology seeks to create a more immersive experience by allowing users to feel the physical response of a device or system.

Hall says this kind of technology is the perfect complement, so in 10 years, sex between two people who aren’t necessarily in the same place will be commonplace.

„Immersive experiences are compelling, they simulate exceptional images, and when combined with haptic technology such as sex toys that respond to stimuli and produce physical results, they provide an experience closer to the real thing,” said Sam Hall. For review. Hey computer.

„Do I think it’s good for us as humans? No, but at the same time sex is a basic human desire and people need an outlet to express themselves,” says the expert.

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„We believe that the future of Metaverse sex will be a combination of virtual reality headsets combined with sex toys that can use existing technology like Bluetooth to create a fully immersive experience,” he noted.

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