Indira won the technology for the new London Underground

The Spanish company will provide the traffic control system for the Thames Underground line as part of Ferrovial’s construction.

Must come forward Indra It contains Mobility Technology Area in the United Kingdom. A listed Spanish company has won a contract to implement the technology New Silvertown Road Tunnel in London. Infrastructure is a cFederation was called Riverlinx CJVHe participates in this Ferrovial. In turn, the Riverlinx client Transport for London (TfL)A managing company, for example, the London Underground.

The award amount has not been disclosed for confidentiality reasons., but it’s an important deal for Indra as it’s one of the major movement projects being developed in London today. The system is expected to be operational by 2025.

The tunnel will be connected State-of-the-art technology to improve flow, reduce traffic congestion in East London and ensure user safety. In this, for example, the Traffic and accident control (breakdowns and fires), as well as ensure technology Internet securityAn increasingly important one, especially in a country Threats from China and Russia.

Specifically, the leadership team Jose Vicente de los Mozos Provides tunnel control system on a platform basis In-moa transport, communication systems, radio communication network and traffic signals. All these allow Streamline real-time traffic monitoring and high automation and detection and resolution of emerging issues.

Besides, Indira can boast that its technology is used in the management of all road tunnels in the British capital. So far there are twelve such infrastructures and 90 kilometers of metropolitan roads leading to them. The new tunnel will be critical to traffic in the areaIt involves massive use of buses – with a dedicated route – and saves time and emissions for drivers who have to cross the river via a nearby pass (Blackwall).

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For a billion

He Silvertown Subway It has a total length of two kilometers between the two twin tunnels under it The Thames1,400 meters, and access ramps, 600 meters, and It will connect the Greenwich Peninsula with the Silvertown district. The construction contract was awarded in 2019 for one billion pounds (1.15 billion euros). And this is the first infrastructure developed since 1991 so that vehicles can cross the river. Concession is given up to 25 years after completion of works.

Indira has identified the United Kingdom as one of its strategic markets. Also, the head of the company Mark Murthra implements its technology in Posterior tunnelAbout 50 kilometers southwest of London, in this case the client National Highways.Indira is a technical partner of NATS, the British equivalent of ENAIR (Air Navigation).

The Spanish group is now closed Purchase of British Park AirWith 120 employees, it has allowed itself to strengthen itself in the field of aviation due to its air-to-ground communication technology.

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