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For the first time in the Junín region, there will be a technical unit (UT) in leather and footwear, which will benefit entrepreneurs and small and small businesses (MIB) in training, technical assistance, technical services and innovation, the ministry said. Production (Production).

By EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION NO. 000195-2023-ITP/DE Published in the newspaper El Peruano, Huancayo officializes the work built under the „works for tax” method by Caja Huancayo in the district of San Jerónimo de Tunán in the province of Junín.

The implementation of the UT, which invests more than 20 million soles, will create a positive impact on the area, it contemplates the use of new technologies to create added value with eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability. processes.

The technical unit will consist of a pilot shoe plant that includes a design and modeling area, a cutting area, a dressing area and a leather warehouse; Tannery pilot plant with animal tanning areas (cattle, sheep), reception, warehouse and shed; training classrooms; Administrative Office; among others.

This is the first time that a private company has agreed to promote innovation in favor of MSMEs in the region through the employment tax mechanism. The work will be unique in its kind as it aims to make the technical segment a vital one in the leather and footwear industry.

Currently, the work, which is already 87.5% complete in terms of infrastructure and 13% in terms of equipment development, is part of the project: “Development of technical services in the production chain of the leather and footwear industry in San Roque de Malayo. Sano District – Huancayo Province – Junin Department”.

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was given

Among the MSMEs in the region are companies dedicated to tanning and dressing, manufacturing shoes, suitcases, handbags, harnesses and harnesses, thus being one of the main suppliers of products to the markets in Ayacucho, Apurímac, Hunuco, Hunuco, Pascavel.

This UT will be in charge of the Technological Institute of Production (ITP) CITEccal Lima, an organization attached to the Ministry of Production, which will be added to the existing 5 in different parts of the country.

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Published: 2/12/2024

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