The story of friendship with Javier Gandolfi, Martín Demichelis, barbecues at Marcelo Gallardo’s house and why he does not have social networks

Javier Gandolfi, DD in full operation, in the workshops

Javier Marcelo Gandolfi Born on December 5, 1980, in San Lorenzo, Santa Fe County. The defender, who had a strong personality and lacked great technical details, made his presentation the river At 17, under command Ramon Diaz, in the 98/99 season: he played only 8 games. After a while, he returned in another stage as he did Arsenal and in workshops; Especially recently, when T escaped from the base to the first division, in a joint construction commanded by its marshal from the area.

They were a 22-season experience, far from extraordinary. Far away (indeed, feelings don’t know about success or failure), from his best friend, Martin Demichelis, World Cup player and reigning champion at Bayern Munich, among other famous places. Cordobas, born in the same month in the same year (December 1980), were both modeled after fellow adventurer Renato Cesarini in the last millionaire row. When the small sections were a school of life for two young aspirants from the interior. They became friends and looked out for each other. Repeat from Rosario to Monument.

Gandolfi, commanding voice in workshops

Gandolfi, with a commanding voice in workshops – Thanks: @LA NACION / Marcelo Aguilar

„On the pitch, Martin has already shown his character and attitude. A winner, good, never married to anyone, says what needs to be said and respects the profession. I think he has all the conditions to be a great coach. In addition, he has discipline, which is essential, he learned in Germany. Without it, you won’t last long there”, Gandolfini, who holds it (they have it), described it as the mirror of life. Beyond football, of course. In fact, both hate technology that is too urgent. Candolfi said a few days ago: “I take this opportunity to clarify that I do not use social networks. I found profiles circulating in my name and communicating with people, I apologize if they used my name to gain any advantage. Confirmation of the same Demichelis.

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A hug to give each other This Sunday at 9:30 p.m., no expiration date: it’s for life. With 27 and 26 goals, the T and the leader lead the way in favor of the type of victories, sheltered by two coaches who care little about courage, pressure and the back. They protected him tooth and nail. Gandolfi (Blanket, KP, Kowacha, who one wants to identify with him the most depends on the chapter in his story) He was one step away from being the star collaborator in Micho Do River’s arrival. However, he remained at Talleres, where he was elected on the strength of results from the Middle Ages. Also, good products and feelings.

His contract expired after the Argentina Cup final (1-0 loss with Patronado) and from there, A World: Hypothesis from Córdoba to Buenos Aires. „When I completed the link, I spoke to Martin and told him that it was worth talking to Andrés (Fazzi). When Andrés offered me the position, I had nothing to think about because I’m fine here, I’m happy And I am experiencing it day by day”, he assured.

Calm, Marque, Fernandez, Gandolfi (forward), Gallardo, Elbes, Costanzo and Gonzalez (back) trot.

At other times: Gandolfi, smile, on the one hand, doll, on the other; Also, Marek, Kata Fernandez, Lopez, Costanzo and Lucho Gonzalez.

Controversy suddenly touched his image. „Maybe, at some point, you’ll have to look up Martin Demichelis should be tu Field Assistant”, the top manager of Talleres revealed last summer, and after the departure of Cacique Medina lowered the price of the coveted millionaire coach in 2021. Micho did not accept this proposal and developed young players in Bayern’s second team.

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A few seconds later, Fossey vehemently demanded that his phrase about the river coach not cross the room within the framework of a company meeting. „It’s here. Please don’t leave here. We’re only 600″ away. He seems to have forgotten that the event was broadcast live on YouTube.

He scored his first goal at T in 2003 Duck Shepherd In driving and guys like Leche Lapaglia and Yerbatero González. He always took care of his figure: he played for four decades. He said he once traveled to Italy at the age of 35 to meet Lionel Messi’s nutritionist. „I was able to find a new way of eating. Also, invisible training helps. Although everything is a combination”, he described.

„Games are won when you try to play”. That seems to be his insistence. Racing over the 4-2 festival in the cylinder, he leaned towards his latest formula. 4-2-3-1One of a kind with Herrera Jordan Pickford Córdoba (because of his left hand, because of his personality), played double fives and bitten four violinists high. A recovered Valois, Caro, Paraguayan Sosa and Michael Santos late to 9. Nahuel Bustos, a star, tends to forget his class, going in and out.

„We are growing and our next destination is the river. If we continue on this path, we are sure that everything will come true”, says Gandolfi, always smartly dressed with a two-week beard. Friend of Marcelo Gallardo. What’s more: His voice was the first to be noticed Enzo FranciscoliIdol and manager, when he searches for sentences that confirmed the end of his life: Dahl, DD of River.

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Gobija saw it clearly, and he remembered the old days when the youngsters of the time (Mascherano, Gada Fernandez) enjoyed barbecue on the grill, with the warm hands of their father Maximo, in the doll’s house. „I was lucky to share the team and the dressing room with Marcelo and we shared moments with our families. Yes that’s right. When DD started talking about the opportunity, people close to the association asked me for my opinion. I told them that he has a great personality and attitude as a player, and that will definitely be the case as a coach as well. It was like that. I always wanted a little more I wanted to succeed in practice.”As Gandolfini once described.

„You have to be calm and keep your feet on the ground. I like to work with positive results and constantly revise. I don’t analyze the results, but the yield”. It is signed by Gallardo’s best friend, the „inventor”, Gandolfi. DT who understood the game.

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