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Photo: Courtesy KPMG

In a study conducted by the KPMG firm, Panorama of Innovation in Mexico and Central America 2023, the technology that will have the greatest impact on companies in the region in the next three years is data and analytics, followed by analytical artificial intelligence (AIA).

According to the research, IAA will allow organizations to increase customer satisfaction and productivity, while simplifying the processes of collecting and analyzing user information to derive data, behavioral patterns and interests.

„Innovation is a determining factor in the competitiveness of firms.” Ricardo Delfin is a partner at KPMG

Juan Felipe Jiménez, senior manager of strategy and digital transformation at KPMG Panama, says there are two critical factors to awakening innovation: leadership and culture. He described that 76 percent of Mexican companies consider the stimulation provided by the head of the corporation to be the greatest facilitator of innovation, followed by corporate culture with 50 percent.

On the other hand, leadership in Central America also ranks first with 63 percent, but investment in technological infrastructure ranks second, with 39, he concluded.

Ricardo Delfin, partner at KPMG, said it was necessary to balance the vision of senior management with that of other employees to adapt to obstacles to change, such as inadequate budgets and little training between areas. Additionally, align initiatives with the strategic priorities of the business, support teamwork and understand the customer.

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