„You’re a bad professor” — Frances Ngannou shares heated words exchanged with Tyson Fury during Dance Knockdown celebration

It’s safe to say that Tyson Fury’s game plan against Francis Naginno didn’t go according to plan. While many expected the WBC World Heavyweight Champion to make light work of 'The Predator’, it turned out to be anything but a cakewalk.

In fact, the fight turned out to be one of the toughest nights of the Englishman’s career, as he barely managed a split decision victory over the Cameroonian, but not before handing him a third-round knockdown.

To make matters worse, the former UFC heavyweight champion did a little celebratory dance on a downed Fury during the fight.

In a recent segment on his YouTube channel, the 37-year-old revealed what he called 'The Gypsy King’ after the knockdown. Ngannou said:

„As we approach and touch gloves, [he said], 'I’ll take you to school.’ I say you didn’t take me to school. That’s why when knocking him down, 'You’re a bad professor, mother****r.’ You are a bad professor. How’s that school going?”

See Francis Ngannou’s comments below (4:23):


Many in the fight world believe that Ngannou was robbed of a victory in the Kingdom arena.

While Ngannou prepares to make his PFL debut in February or March 2024, Fury will next be seen in an undisputed heavyweight clash against Oleksandr Usyk in December or next year.

Mike Tyson Says Francis Naginno’s Tyson Fury Knockdown Was „Strange”

Few expected Francis Naganoo to score a knockout against Tyson Fury, and even Mike Tyson, who trained 'The Predator’ for the superfight, seems to be caught off guard.

Also, the knockdown lacks a bit of subtlety for Tyson’s taste. When 'Iron Mike’ spoke secondsout After the event, he elaborated on the defining moment:

„It was weird, but I told him it could happen, when he did it in the gym with the other guy. But it just seemed so weird, it didn’t look cool. It didn’t look cool.”

Check out Mike Tyson’s comments below:


While the boxing legend declined to weigh in on whether or not his student stole the show, he said Ngannou definitely had a close fight with one of the greatest boxers of all time.

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An impressive performance against Fury will certainly open up lucrative boxing opportunities for 'The Predator’ and we could see the Cameroonian back in the ring soon.

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