World News | Indian Navy’s first training warship arrives in Malaysia

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Klang Harbour [Malaysia]Oct 2 (ANI): As part of the Indian Navy’s long-range deployment in South East Asia, ships of the First Training Squadron (1TS)-INS Tir, INS Sujata and ICGS Charati are visiting Port Klang, Malaysia. From September 30 to October 23, the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

During the visit, activities carried out by the crew of 1TS include various professional and social interactions, training exchanges, cross-deck visits and sports equipment with Royal Malaysian Navy personnel, as well as ships, open to visiting school students. Ministry said.

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The deployment of 1 TS aims to expose trainees to India’s socio-political, military and maritime interactions with allies in the Indian Ocean region and strengthen bilateral engagements between the two navies.

Earlier, ships of the first training squadron comprising Indian Naval Ship (INS) Dir, INS Sujata, INS Sudarshini and ICGS Charati proceeded to Phuket, Thailand from September 25 to 28 as part of a long-range training deployment.

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„The senior officer of 1TS, Captain Sarvpreet Singh and the ships’ commanding officers, met with the Commander-in-Chief of the Third Naval Area, Rear Admiral Buchong Rodnikron,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

Also, to greet them, Chief of Staff, Third Naval Area Command along with RTN Officers and members of the Indian diaspora were welcomed on board INS Tir.

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According to the report, the ships are open for visitors. Children from various schools were also taken on a guided tour on the ships.

„Trainees of 1TS visited the Naval Academy at Phang Nga Naval Base,” the statement added.

Their visit saw the two navies actively engaged in cross-training visits, professional interactions, sports equipment and joint yoga sessions.

„Trainers’ cross-boarding, maneuvers and approaches to replenishment at sea were conducted as part of a maritime training partnership exercise with Royal Thai Navy ship Klang,” the statement said.

Also, their visit strengthened maritime contacts and cemented the strong friendship between the two navies. (ANI)

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