The government is announcing a €9.5 million aid package to promote transformative projects based on 5G technology.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, through the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, has released the Final Resolution Plan for UNICO 5G Sectoral 2023 Phase I Assistance. Digital transformation in key economic sectors of the country.

The UNICO 5G Sector Phase 1 Evaluation Commission, comprising representatives from the Secretary of State, the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Center for Technology and Industrial Development (CDTI), evaluated seven of the 12 projects presented in the call. Development of an ecosystem between companies and operators to support the deployment of 5G technology in an agile manner.

Seven company-led projects have been awarded 9.5 million euros, which will directly benefit other companies and SMEs in the country and mobilize public-private investment of 21.6 million euros.

Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, María González Veracruz, said, „This assistance program makes a huge difference to the use of disruptive 5G technology for economic activities, multiplying the possibilities through this new step of digitization. Technological progress improves people’s lives. , improve resources and take very important steps towards environmental sustainability. .

„In this call, González Veracruz explained that initiatives linked to important sectors, such as the agro-food sector, are beneficiaries through a program promoting innovative solutions for fire prevention, or the industrial sector, through a program to promote autonomous production plants. In the automotive sector, as well as promoting the digitization and decarbonization of industrial centers intended”.

Likewise, he pointed out that projects like „waste management, digitization of healthcare, smart city management to predict areas of high pollution and congestion and development of advanced 5G services in airport areas” are also included.

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Beneficiaries and Support UNICO 5G Sectoral 2023 Phase 1


INDUSTRY5.G: Industrial connectivity and development of 5G applications Virtual management of plant operations in the automotive sector. Gestamps services in partnership with Teltronic and Embeblue.

5GREENSight: BIM-Hub powered by Augmented Reality to integrate management and operational systems of waste treatment plants. Prezero Waste Management in collaboration with Visual Technology Lab.

SkyPass: Wireless technology to transition between 5G and WiFi7 in airports with geolocation analysis and automatic infrastructure transition. Galgus Global SL

Agri-Food Sector: Proposes a disruptive solution to prevent fires in rural areas and avoid impact on the agri-food industry. To achieve this, a network deployment of cross-cutting digital solutions supported by a pure 5G communication network with ultra-low latency will be developed. Orange Spain.

Iria Project: Designed to advance towards an autonomous, intelligent and connected industry. The objective is to promote the digitization and decarbonization of an industrial hub by developing a communication solution in 5G that enables the development of new functions and applications in the industrial environment. Repsol along with Tradia Telecom and Petronr.

Health: Proposes a solution that allows the operation of a digital medical platform for telework or rapid and remote response to health emergencies, while ensuring high availability of medical services. Xfera Móviles in association with Odin Solutions.

Smart City: The aim is to develop cross-reactive technology (IoT-MEC-Cloud), integrated and orchestrated with the mechanisms of 5G, capable of analyzing the city’s sensor network and acting accordingly. It has special emphasis on prediction of high pollution and congested areas, vehicle identification and people tourism. Southern Tech Innovations in collaboration with Xfera Móviles and Opus RS Europe.

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