La Orotava brings science and technology to the whole family

Another year, already 20 editions, Orodawa Yesterday it celebrated more than a unified science exhibition, which brought together many people in the Plaza de la Constitución, under the mission of its birth, to bring science to the street in an entertaining way.

So, from 10:30 to 18:30, adults and children could enjoy science and technology workshops, demonstrations, math games, solar observation, educational robotics, science experiments, mad science, magic and interesting talks. A set of functions included in the information levels of research centers and institutions. In addition, a children’s area was launched this year with specific activities for children under 3 years of age. He also highlighted space for analysis of the last forest fire, along with many other surprises, such as sending radio signals and messages into space.

On this day, the magnetic life book of journalist Veronica Pau’s Plas Cabrera was also presented, and the interesting activity of Ferments and Experiments returned. On the other hand, the creation of La Orotava Science Fair Awards is a novel and complementary activity, the first edition of which was won by parasitologist Basilio Valladares, journalist Carmen del Puerto and physics professor Michael Hernández.

In the presentation of the 20th edition of this meeting, last week, Mayor Francisco Linares appreciated the integration of the oldest exhibition in Spain and the only one with these characteristics in the archipelago. A unique project that made it possible to make science fun and interesting for the whole family. It is an interactive exhibition where visitors learn the interests of science and technology while having fun. A fun and enriching day for all ages.

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