What to do if your account is charged

Los Courier theft attempts They have become more common in recent times, and while there are many ways to avoid being scammed through these types of apps, the truth is that cybercriminals are finding new ways to try to trick people digitally.

Share itPerhaps the world’s most downloaded messaging app is no stranger to this scourge, which is why most cyber security experts pour their knowledge into advising users on this 'app’.

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One of the recent cases is related ’Ethical hacker’ Yorko AminTalking about how she faced her father’s attempted hacking of her WhatsApp account, she also revealed what she did to avoid being hacked.

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The expert said, quoted by the Mexican media 'Expansion’, his cousin Called him saying that he can no longer access his WhatsApp account After providing the access code for this application, it will be sent to the sender who wants to enter the chats.

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According to the expert, Amin’s father The message allegedly came from AmazonAsks for a 'security code’ to send a package effectively. It is worth mentioning that it is very common for criminals to use scripted messages.The National Police explained.

They told me about amazon and they told me that they should offer a package, but they need a code. I was working and very stressed and gave them the number they asked for.„said the expert’s father, according to the report. That’s when he realized his cousin’s WhatsApp had been hacked.

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Amin says his first strategy is to buy time. „I started dialing WhatsApp directly because the screen would lock and I couldn’t do anything until it answered or I hung up.„. After calling three times in a row without stopping, the hacker blocked Yorko, however, he started calling from other numbers.”This is how I gained eight valuable minutes that no cybercriminal could do„Expansion,” he quoted.

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Meanwhile, Yorko assured her family that she had heard the following:Remove my dad from all groups and tell everyone he was hacked„. He explained that getting it out of groups is very important because the message can be spread to more people, But the culprit does not realize that he has already been discovered. On the other hand, it prevents us from receiving information from others.

If someone asks you for money in a WhatsApp message, don’t deposit money with them. Not even if it’s your mother. Ask him to leave you a voice note or call you, but listen to his voice, don’t trust the messages„, he suggested.

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Meanwhile, in the same minutes, Yorko asked his father to call his banks to deactivate his cards. „I told him to disable them and not cancel them as banks have protocols for hacking and fraud.„, he noted.

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however, He knows that his father’s phone contains a lot of sensitive information like passwords.: „WhatsApp is as easy as entering 'password’ in the search engine and many people have saved their passwords and important information on the platform.„.

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One way to send this kind of information through WhatsApp is through the new tools of the application, which can disappear after opening a photo or by activating temporary messages.

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The next step is to change email passwords immediately. „All their businesses are, and if your email gets hacked, it’s a nightmare because everything else can be hacked.„.

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He said the situation with Outlook is that when accessing from a new device, the session on another recently used device will be closed, he said. Every time one logged in, the other was disconnected, causing a competition to see who would change the password first..

The race really became a matter of seeing who could click the fastest and who had the best internet.„. He said he was able to convert it successfully; however, he admitted that he was very lucky to have the computer.”I was using the computer and he was trying on the cell phone, I think the computer is always faster.„.


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