Cuban scientist at the UN Climate Change Program

Cuban Lazarus Marquez GoaOne of the 100 members is an expert on Guanahogapips National Park International Youth Climate Delegate Program selected by the United Nations (UN)..

It is „a valuable opportunity to present our experiences, learn about the experiences of other countries and then pass them on to our communities,” Marques Goa quoted. Granma Newspaper.

Forestry engineering graduate and certified diver, Marquez Covea, is the only Cuban in the effort, which is part of preparatory activities for the Climate Summit (COP28) scheduled for the end of the year.

From coral conservation to the Cuban parrot

According to his words, commented by this media, it is a recognition of the decades of scientific and conservation work carried out in this area of ​​Guanahacapibes National Park and Pinar del Río.

Márquez Goa is part of various projects to breed endangered coral species, monitor and protect Cuban parrots, as well as clean the beaches that join the sea every year, known as Costa Limbia (Clean). beach).

In the Guanahacapips, which has the status of a protected area and a biosphere reserve, Marquez Covea assures that there is evidence of the effects of climate change on aspects such as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and severe droughts.

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Additionally, rising ocean temperatures have resulted in bleaching of coral reefs, changes in the breeding season of species such as red and white crabs, and even changes in topography in coastal areas.

Cuban voice at COP28

Márquez Covea will talk about experiences and actions to mitigate these phenomena during the exchanges leading up to COP28.

„There are many expectations, because it is a very relevant event worldwide, and its international youth climate representative program will allow us to learn about the evidence of climate change that we have in each of our territories and how people are adapting to the most vulnerable ecosystems.”

The 100 young delegates taking part in the COP28 debates will help a new generation to be heard during important talks aimed at protecting the planet.

The official Cuban newspaper indicated that the initiative aims to expand the voices, perspectives and priorities of global youth in the multilateral process of the Climate Summit, and that their opinions and their proposals are integrated into the elaboration of global climate policies.

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