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This is the PEVAMIS platform developed by Spanish researchers, which has already completed its pilot phase. SEMICYUC will be responsible for its exploitation.

Research Group Sepsis, inflammation and safety in critically ill patients (SIS) Pere Virgili Health Research Institute (IISPV) and from Joan XXIII Hospital of Tarragona They created A site that collects procedures and results from hospitals across Spain Implemented to assess quality and safety of care for critically ill patients based on clinical informatics-related indicators.

In other words, the goal is to serve an agreement standard method It can be implemented in any hospital center and in this way, all the data obtained throughout the patient’s hospitalization can be automatically managed. Intensive care unit (ICU).

called the platform PEVAMI (Project for the evaluation of indicator measurement activities) and transferred by the IISPV to the Spanish Society of Intensive and Critical Medicine and Coronary Unit (SEMICYUC), responsible for its exploitation at the national level.

Likewise, the SEMICYUCBy organization, the Planning and Management Task Force was responsible Pilot phase Under the platform, half a dozen reference centers from different autonomous communities have participated in recent months. Coordinated by Dr. Maria BodiHead of the Intensive Care Service at Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona and Head of the SIS Research Group.

“This platform not only allows us to know how different hospital centers rate quality indicators of medical care for critically ill patients. Its ultimate aim is to provide healthcare workers with the tools they need to automate the process of recording data and obtaining results. All of these focused on improving patient care. Dr Bodi explains.

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