What lessons can the Global South learn from the North’s mistakes?

The Global South should not just copy the North; Rather, reinvented for a new global age. Until globalization crushed the middle classes of the West and brought the economy to its knees, America was the world’s most prosperous entrepreneurial nation. There, like an open book, grave and repeated errors are all highly indexed.

Northern countries are currently sinking. Unable to hold any dialogue that has the courage to rethink workable development models, refuses to reveal the truth, is unable to regain respect from citizens, and is declining towards populism. Stay tuned for a new magical series of stories about the most glamorous elections in 2024. There should be more business sense among national leaders; Climate finance programs will be compounded by the long-term inability to develop and build entrepreneurial nations.

The future is a tough teacher. What went wrong in the free world? How did they slowly shift from entrepreneurial 'real-value-creating-economies’ to value-capturing, 'fast-coin-printing-economies’?

While universities are still a decade behind, Today’s China got here not because of funding, but first because it built up its citizens and how it mobilized entrepreneurs nationally to build the nation with SME platforms. India can become the number one power, but only if it produces a skilled and entrepreneurial citizenry.

A quick review of the top 'populous countries’ They paint a different picture of what the top ten 'enlightened nations’ preach. If China has lifted its 50% of high-potential SMEs into the age of global competition and changed China’s image, what is at play now with the top ten most populous countries? What can the Global South add to speed up progress?

Only the most efficient and productive workforces built global corporate empires.

Today’s countries In the age of digitized world, only capable citizens can progress. Countries are already delusional about AI as the techno-crypto driver of the economy and the endless shower of coins deluded by abstract climate finance ideas will only swing political operatives in backyards. Nevertheless, global needs have already evolved to where current capabilities cannot fit within globally connected digital war rooms, managing the global pace of productivity, efficiency and nation-wide profitability.

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What lessons can the Global South learn from the North’s mistakes?

Economic growth without entrepreneurship is only economic destruction. There is no political power with economic power. There is no economic power without entrepreneurial power. There is no entrepreneurial force if the mood hypothesis is not balanced. Attitude hypothesis creates a balance between the mindset of the job seeker and the job creator. This is a major HR failure.

Raising the debt ceiling was not an economic victory but a colossal economic failure. Abandoning a citizenry that cannot stand up to global age competitiveness is a political failure. Inability to identify, classify and digitize high-potential SMEs is an economic development failure. A balanced mindset for better productivity, efficiency and profitability; Otherwise, what is currently seen is often a colossal failure.

Facts: Entrepreneurship is the mindset of creating jobs. SMEs cannot grow without entrepreneurship. 100% of economic growth in the free world is in the hands of job seekers. Without creating oceans of SMEs, national economies cannot expand. Unless they are discussed, there are no economic or climate finance solutions.

Open debate, open challenge: Agree or disagree, tectonic shifts are happening fast. Leading players such as ASEAN, OIC, Commonwealth, Global South and BRICS have a major transformation in the process; New ideas must be used. While all economic development teams have a job-seeking mindset, this glaring disconnect needs to be identified and corrected immediately. As a rule, the mind-sets of job seekers and job creators must be aligned to allow dynamic and entrepreneurial-based real value-creating ideas and new enterprise growth, to create thriving economic prosperity models.

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The future is coming:

Come 2030, A new world of trade and economic behaviorism will emerge, and global connectivity will be measured as the basis of a new global age of economic growth: lead, follow or get out of the way.

Post-platform-economy + integrated post-gig-economy + post-minus-bureaucracy-economy + future skill mobilization = mobilization of a nation of entrepreneurs

The post-platform-economy is a more integrated phase full of global rivers and oceans of digitization, linked to the post-gig-economy, where human talent freed from century-old office thinking and irrelevant education will shine after responding to the post-minus-bureaucracy. An economy where paper-based bureaucracies and crawl-mindsets will be destroyed, inefficiencies will be exposed, rejected and promptly shut down due to the new demands of high speed and precise accuracies as the new future of high-speed quality, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

New Emphasis on Women and Youth Power: Long-term abandonment of women as the second wheel of the same economic cart and exclusion of youth as the driving force of new talent clearly shows insecure bureaucratic policies and blatant rejection of latent potential talent. SMEs are oceans of fertilization points and entrepreneurial powerhouses that have created a generation gap where the West has failed citizens.

This is how a new phase for the upliftment of the people of the world will emerge. Success may not be money, but speed; Velocity is not how fast, but how efficient systems are at creating the most value. Greater value is not profit, but productivity and efficiency improvement. Developing talent is the reward for humanity and the only mandate given to national leadership – the digital age answer to grassroots prosperity challenges.

how Expoton Global It leads this exclusive story in 100 countries and presents a number of ideas to improve the SME sectors and mobilize the advanced orientations of the National Entrepreneurship and National Economic Development Committees.

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As universities are still preparing for such challenges, read intensively on Google.

Once oceans of SMEs are created, These small companies have enormous potential to become remarkably large. Yet understanding how and why small ideas become big is already very complex. Read on for tips on why ballerinas can’t become sumo wrestlers or vice versa. Small is big, big is big wins. Achieving this requires an open mind with a bigger vision. learn fast; Fail fast, but drive through the entrepreneurial mystique.

However, failing to understand the 'attitude hypothesis’, The difference between the mindset of a job seeker and a job creator is the first skill for any serious conversation about SME economic recovery. Failure to demonstrate 'national mobilization of entrepreneurship’ is the second step required for any national economic development initiative.

See the marches of the non-aggressive wanderers, Digitization while remote drifters, innovative thinkers and billions in digital synchronicity opens new skies, minimum costs with maximum regional impacts in minimum time; This would create something like the first e-commerce boom. Early e-commerce ideas were hit hard by incomplete e-commerce ideas and general skills to deal with technology-based thinking – this time decorating, plugging, stringing and lighting grandiose ideas.

Where are the maps, Where are the formulas and what does it take to build national mobilization? A new world is emerging, and entrepreneurship will lead the way. Four billion displaced, displaced and displaced people will seek entrepreneurial adventures. Today’s world has 1000 times more options, accessible technologies and globally connected market access that makes cubicle slavery much more enjoyable and economical. Welcome to a new world. To avoid feelings of overwhelm, become a friend of your mood and master it.

A cabinet-level discussion is a good start; The rest is easy.

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