AFP Modernization Delayed – Dela Rosa

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 20) – Since the implementation of the revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Act, which has seen many delays and unimplemented projects, Sen. Ronald Dela Rosa disclosed on Monday.

The revised AFP Modernization Act was signed into law in December 2012. It will be implemented over 15 years and in three phases: Horizon 1 from 2013 to 2017, Horizon 2 from 2018 to 2022 and Horizon 3 from 20273 to 20273.

„If we go by the dates, we should be at Horizon 3 now, but because of some delays, even Horizon 2 has not been completed yet,” Dela Rosa said during a Senate hearing on the budget of the Department of National Defense (DND). .

Horizon 1 had an initial budget of just ₱75 billion, but it ended up costing ₱97 billion for 53 projects. According to Dela Rosa, only 36 have been completed and 17 are yet to be implemented.

Horizon 2 required ₱429 billion in funding for 97 projects. At least 51 are activated, while the other 46 are not. Dela Rosa said that of the 46 unimplemented projects, seven were carried over to Horizon 3 while the remaining 39 were abandoned.

Horizon 3, meanwhile, had a funding requirement of ₱1.8 trillion for 37 projects and seven unimplemented initiatives from the previous horizon.

How much should have already been released for Horizon 3? Coco Pimentel asked.

Dela Rosa, the sponsor of TNT’s budget, said the agency requested ₱117 billion for 2023 under Horizon 3 of the AFP Modernization Act, but the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) gave it only ₱50 billion.

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In 2024, the DND asked for ₱115 billion, but, again, the DBM allocated only ₱50 billion.

„Once Horizon 3 is completed, we expect to be able to fully operate regional security for the entire Philippine territory. We call it a credible security posture,” Dela Rosa said.

Sen on TNT’s plans after Horizon 3 Asked by Riza Hontiveros, dela Rosa said that another military modernization plan would be drawn up.

He added that there is no specific road map beyond the completion of modernization.

„But we are looking forward to Na Meron Dayong Khaga because the Ang Pakong (We will create a new one because it is new) security strategy is a comprehensive archipelago security concept,” he added.

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