Indonesian language proficiency index in 2023 is 88.24

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology has predicted that the Indonesian Language Proficiency Index will reach 88.24 in 2023.

„The Indonesian Language Proficiency Index in 2023 was 88.24,” said M. Abdul Kak said at the „National Spread of Indonesian Language Proficiency” program on Thursday.

The index value was derived from the average score of the participants in the Indonesian Language Proficiency Oral and Written Test and their understanding of language terms.

Indonesian language proficiency was measured by the Indonesian Language Proficiency Test (UKBI), which was taken by thousands of participants and consisted of Indonesian speakers of various characteristics.

Participants include school students, college students, professionals, operational officers, structural officers and foreigners.

267,064 participants from approximately 2,293 organizations received the UKBI Adaptive Edition last year.

Participants were from 28 industries, 426 districts/cities and expatriates from 13 countries.

Of the total participants, 110,725 were junior high school students and over 130,000 were high school students.

The candidates included 5,773 professionals and 115 foreigners from Timor Leste, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Netherlands, Pakistan, Italy and Germany.

According to Gag, UKBI was still paper-based last year, but it has developed a new version using LAN-based computers.

Thus, candidates can take the test anywhere using the internet. However, the system is still not optimal.

„For now, UKPI is entering an adaptation version, which is very maximal because it can be done anywhere at any time,” he said.

The scores and levels listed in the UKBI certificate will be the basis for mapping, screening and capacity building of Indonesian human resources.

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