Isn’t Bali Ozzy’s favorite destination?

The news about the changing demographics of Bali tourists comes from a study conducted Australian Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) This reveals that Indonesia and Bali are no longer Australia’s preferred overseas destinations.

TTF survey, Released on Thursday, 14 December 2023, Bally moved from its long-standing number one spot to number seven.

In the race to be Australia’s favorite holiday destination, The TTF survey The revised popularity ranking shows as follows:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Europe
  3. Japan
  4. Thailand
  5. Singapore
  6. Malaysia
  7. Indonesia

Only 4% of respondents TTF survey chose Bali and Indonesia as their favorite holiday destinations. Conversely, 17% of those surveyed preferred New Zealand, 16% Europe and 10% Japan.

TTF survey Conducted in December 2023, it asked Australians traveling overseas about their travel plans in the coming year.

CEO of TTF, Margy Osmond expressed her surprise that Bali is no longer a leading holiday destination for Australians. Japan is also growing in popularity as a destination for Australian holidaymakers, now in third place.

Osmond comments that Australians find their Japanese hosts accommodating, serving great food, sharing their interesting culture, and offering ski holidays.

He also noted the stiff competition Indonesia now faces from elsewhere in Asia, such as Singapore and Thailand – and Australia’s interest in Bali remains strong.

Meanwhile, many adverse media reports cover Bali’s trash-strewn beaches, traffic jams, and flooding during the rainy season.

Osmond is optimistic that many Australians will visit Bali in the coming 12 months.

The findings of TTF survey Reflected by recent reports from Expedia That survey from Japan confirms that Bali is not a major destination for Australian outbound tourists.

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Operations Director of Expedia, Daniel Finch said Bali was in tough competition with Hawaii and Fiji as the most preferred destination for Australian travellers. He argues that Australia’s high cost of living is causing Australians to change their holiday travel plans.

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