What is the function of the mysterious device used by the Serb at Roland Garros?

Djokovic During the break he changes his shirt and reveals the device

PARIS (Special Envoy).- Novak Djokovic, parallel to his famous career, aims to create prejudices or encourage pessimistic views about his training or recovery methods. Last November, during the Paris-Percy match, His team was suspicious because of the jealous attitude with which he was prepared (and gave him) During a game, with Nole’s physical trainer, the Italian Marco Panicci, when he noticed a man filming him, visually uncomfortable and ordered to hide a picture. The second round of Roland Garros, against Marten Fusovics, did not go unnoticed.

„An Inspiration”. A drop shot fanatic who put Africa on the tennis map thanks to Gabby Sabatini

The current No. 3 seed found a patch — apparently metal, a soda — in the French Open’s main event, Philippe-Chatrier, with a 7-6 (7-2), 6-0, 6-3 win over Fusovic at the break. The size of the hat – stuck to his chest. Djokovic corrected it several times. That’s when the device came to light. The move soon went viral on social networks and many started wondering what it was all about. As expected, suspicions and malicious comments appeared. After the match, discussed in the press conference, Djokovic responded to this mystery with some irony, pouring more pepper in the comments.

“I really liked Iron Man as a kid, so I tried to emulate him. My team provides me with incredible nanotechnology so that I can give my best on the court. That is the big secret of my career. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be sitting here”, said Djokovic on an already cold Paris night.

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Drawing funny parallels with the hero of the Marvel universe, who has a nuclear reactor in his chest, integrated into his armor, which gives him power and protects him, the winner of 22 Grand Slam individual trophies tried to lock down the real answer and create the main, still intriguing. After a while, in a certain way, it became known what was stuck to his chest: it was a dapatch, a device „capable of transmitting photons in sync with the human body, without releasing imbalanced nerve points, continuously stimulating them. No chemicals; an innovative technology for health and well-being, health and based on modern knowledge of biophysics applied to well-being. As the manufacturers explain, Founded in the Italian city of Castello di Codecco in the Treviso region.

According to the company that holds the patent for the product, the device is capable of improving posture, flexibility and performance, reducing athletic concentration, stress and anxiety. „It is applied to the skin with the help of an adhesive tape, which can be removed and reused at other points. It is resistant to water and shock. The device is with you 24 hours a day at all stages of the day. Our body is stressed, we repeat bad posture habits in our daily life and repeat the same conditions. tends to create. This will allow you to maintain postural balance for a long time,” they explain. Each device lasts approximately two years and, according to the official website of the product, has a value of 280 to 3,000 euros. On the same digital site as the device, you can find reports from various Italian universities that support the seriousness of the device. .

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Novak Djokovic and Roland Garros in 2023

Novak Djokovic is one of the favorites to win Roland Garros 2023 – Credit: @GETTY IMAGES

Does Djokovic have an advantage when using it? Is it allowed by law? What are your competitors thinking? While it is understood that the Serbs will not use the prohibited methods, those are still unanswered questions. All that is certain is that once again, Djokovic has come under the microscope due to the extreme privacy with which he reacts to certain issues that are in plain sight on the tennis circuit. He is recognized for his involvement in healthy foods and alternative therapies.

In terms of strict play, Djokovic (36 years old) will continue his quest for an imaginary third trophy at Roland Garros (winning in 2016 and 2021), which would represent the 23rd championship. Important In general, a men’s record breaking tie with Rafael Nadal (not in Paris), this Friday he faces Spaniard and 29th seed Alejandro Davidovic Fogina.

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