Rueda hails Nueva Pescanova’s affiliation with Alianza Galeca Polo Clima as a sign that Galicia is committed to a greener economic development.

O Grove (Pontevedra), May 3, 2023 Alfonso Ruta, president of the Xunta, praised Nueva Pescanova’s Alianza Galeca for following Bo.The climate is a sign that Galicia is committed to a green industrial and economic development. The head of the Galician government, who attended today’s signing event in O Grove, emphasized that, in addition to the fishing industry, 60 companies in Galicia have a firm commitment to protect the environment in a year-round atmosphere.

Talking about the climate emergency in the period 2016-2021 is not only talking about the future, but also about the present, recalls Alfonso Ruta, because the period 2016-2021 is the hottest temperature recorded since 1880. With these measures „we are identifying an obvious problem” verified last week with the heat wave the peninsula experienced in April, which Galicia has not been out of as it has been recording drought warnings for years.

The President of the Xunta appealed to the responsibility of companies in this commitment to the climate and the role of management, which plays an important role in preventing climate change by raising awareness among citizens, but also to build bridges and cooperate with big projects. Changing the economy of Galicia.

In this sense, Rueda thanked Nueva Pescanova for joining the Alianza Galega for Climate, thus playing a role „as an example for all of the community” by obtaining commitments that ensure the industrial and natural future of Galicia.

On the one hand, affiliated companies strengthen their commitment to green industrial and economic development; And on the other hand, working to protect the natural environment and put Galicia at the forefront of European regions in the fight against climate change. In this regard, the Executive President stressed that the companies joining the Alianza Galeca Polo Clima will help to continue to raise awareness of „primary Galician companies with high workforce and high productivity”. A „threat” that society faces in a „planned and prudent” way.

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Strategic lines

Alianza Galega polo Clima adopts strategic lines and commitments that evolve annually, but that are based on their commitments in implementing measures to modify or mitigate the effects of climate change in Galicia; promote the exchange of scientific, technological, socioeconomic or legal information; Promote and support climate-related research and accelerate the development and diffusion of technology for the transition to low-emission energy systems.

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