More than technology, digital transformation is about cultural change

Corporate digital transformation is not only about using technology in business, but also about changing the culture and mindset of the company to be customer-centric, agile and innovative. According to a recent ITC study titled “Beyond Digital Transformation: What it Means to Be a Digital Enterprise,” this journey is multifaceted and affects all areas of an organization. Companies that succeed in this effort not only achieve greater efficiency, productivity and innovation, but also gain the resilience needed to thrive in the Latin American and global economies.

„Digital transformation is more than simply adopting new technologies, it’s about reshaping the very DNA of the company. Achieving success in the digital age requires a holistic approach that includes changes in mindset, skills and organizational culture. It’s about creating an environment that embraces innovation and sees change as an opportunity,” says solutions firm TOTVS. .

According to the company, becoming a digital business requires a strategic approach that includes several elements, including closing the skills gap, fostering a culture of trust, competitiveness and resilience, and aligning revenue generation with digital initiatives.

Another finding of the IDC study is that Latin American companies are focusing on four key areas where they have successfully transformed their businesses:

  • A A customer-centric mindsetLooking for new ways to improve the experience;
  • Culture through innovation and experimentationEmployees are encouraged to take risks and try new things;
  • Process simplification, to make them more efficient and effective; Finally,
  • Invest in the right technologies To support digital transformation initiatives.

In this last aspect, TOTVS highlighted solutions such as ERP that can adapt to the company’s business and scale, CRM that provides insights into the customer journey, BI with customized dashboards, automation, risk reduction and simplification of business processes. Data driven decision making.

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However, to know which technology solutions are best for each business, it is essential to have a technology partner with knowledge not only in digitalization, but also in the needs of each sector and local market.

„The benefits of digital transformation are far-reaching. Innovation is a natural consequence as organizations break free from traditional constraints and explore new ways of doing business. And digital organizations are better equipped to respond to market changes and disruptions and ensure longevity and relevance,” emphasized the company.

Additionally, as the path to digital transformation is not without challenges, TOTVS commented that it is essential to carefully plan each step of the journey, prioritizing investments according to the most urgent needs. All these are supported by strong leadership, effective communication with all teams and a commitment to continuous learning and evolution. „Investing in digitization is essential for any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition. There is no time to waste,” the company highlighted.

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