UFOs visit Mexican Congress: Scientists and pilots tell of their experiences with „hostile phenomena”

UFOs occupy the public sphere in many countries. There are so many documented sightings of unprecedented phenomena that experts turn to governments to share this information with scientists and society, extracting from it all its usefulness for the „advancement of knowledge”. „We are not alone,” asked the Mexican Congress this Tuesday at a public hearing that brought together researchers of these scenes from several countries. These whimsical looks are very fashionable lately.

Pilots and air traffic controllers, who call themselves privileged witnesses, but astronomers from universities such as Harvard and experts and politicians from Japan, Argentina, France, Brazil and Peru have left their testimony, highlighting „frustration, harassment and intimidation”. By those who dared to report these inexplicable discoveries elsewhere in the air or on the ocean surface.

The Americans, led by ex-pilot Ryan Graves, had a significant intervention, who had already participated in similar parliamentary sessions in the United States, where the same thing was demanded: citizens should see the right to know the documents available to the authorities. The danger posed to commercial and air force aircraft by objects of „strange technology and composition” that defy known laws of physics must be addressed.

Mexican Jaime Mauson Flota, director of the project Third Millennium And the well-known ufologist in charge of conducting this public hearing in Congress, a colleague from his student days, now an air traffic controller, often called him: „You know that here, in the control tower, everyone is laughing? You?”. It was a long time ago, until calls to a friend changed tone: “What’s going on? These things are moving everywhere, what do we do? We have them on the radar.

Mouzanne asked to introduce his friend Enrique Colbec Vergara, a pilot and air traffic controller of 48 years who described four incidents without apparent ground clearance that took place in Mexico and severely affected commercial navigation. He The case of Mazatlán. In a practice of presence and proximity, the ship „landed with the plane. „Everybody watched,” he said.

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In July 1994, Colbeck continues before congressmen and guests, an Aeromexico flight departing from Guadalajara was visited by two objects and impacted the main train, he said. The control tower received several calls about 30 minutes earlier from aeronautics people who reported seeing the phenomenon in the skies over the World Trade Center in Mexico’s capital. „The radar didn’t pick it up, but the ship probably landed on Rebels Avenue, one of the city’s most important thoroughfares,” the controller explained.

A third case, he reported, occurred in Morelia in October 2002: „Unlawful interference,” in air navigation terms, appeared at the head of runway 23 and prevented a plane from taking off. „Pilots and controllers saw metallic-looking objects about 20 meters in diameter, slowly rising and falling, and there were 15 or 20 of them. Firefighters noticed it, and so did people, it was reported,” Kolbeck said. When the pilot, nervous and scared, managed to take off, he warned the tower that „he almost collided with some spheres on the way out.”

A panel of experts spoke before Congress this Tuesday.House of Representatives

Finally, the Mexican Air Force patrols against drug trafficking and locates secret runways, with high-tech radar and heat-detecting equipment, controlling the sighting of a flying object that passed through the Gulf. It was abandoned in an operation that lasted 30 minutes. „These are not myths or legends, events like these compromise the safety of airspace, with the most advanced and diverse technologies. „They are ships that operate with a determined will to navigate, maneuver and handle differently than known, appear and disappear, violate laws and regulations one day,” he joked from his tower. warned the man who did. friend.

Regular UFOs are now known by the acronym FANI. . It worries and preoccupies pilots and some scientists. From Harvard University in Boston, astrophysicist Avi Loeb intervened via video conference: „It is presumptuous to think that we are alone in the universe, and probably the existence of these species predates human existence on Earth.” Loeb directs the Galileo project and told of the „documented” presence of extraterrestrial products they detected through acoustic microphones and infrared cameras and climate monitoring. He spoke of an object thrown by a mysterious force and „propelled by sunlight. It’s unimaginable. It’s one and a half meters in size and collided with Earth in 2014, moving 95% faster than stars and made of very strong material. Next, they found beryllium, lanthanum and uranium. Collected 700 metallic marbles, the same composition was detected along the entire path followed by the meteorite from outside the solar system.Loeb asked the governments to „share the information, it will be useful to move forward”.

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Japanese Congressman Yoshiharu Asagawa offered similar advice, complaining about the lack of transparency in his country and the difficulties he faces in talking about these issues in the political sphere. He noted that there were „many UFOs in Japan.” In Brazil, as they explained, events are numerous and unique. Rony Tadeu Vernet of the Brazilian Center for Physical Research described some of these phenomena, still hidden by the military, and asked the world to observe them „without social and religious stigmas.” „This is a global problem,” the Japanese added.

Representative Sergio Gutierrez Luna, who chaired the Mexican parliamentary session, asked the speakers before they began to stand up and take the oath. Jaime Mawson then presided over how Democrats and Republicans in the United States promoted initiatives in Congress where singular phenomena were revealed that had no scientific explanation. „This is not an issue of parties, but an issue of humanity, which should unite us, not divide us.” At the session, videos recorded by the Mexican Air Force in 2004 were projected, when the planes’ infrared cameras caught 11 flying objects believed to be balls of light 160 kilometers off the Pacific coast. “We are not alone. What a strange thing,” the pilots are heard saying. Mawson lays down some key statistics that prevent us from discrediting extraterrestrial life, its intelligence, and its possible interest in our planet: “There are trillions of galaxies in the universe, each containing 100,000 million stars, each of which has at least one planet. So, we’re talking about 100 sextillion planets. We must have the courage to accept that intelligence is visiting us from the depths of the universe. We are not alone and must move towards a goal that takes us deeper into the universe.

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An interesting note of the day was when some scientists presented to photojournalists two mummies from Nazca (Peru) that were exhibited in Congress. The intervenors pointed out that the DNA of these bodies, separated with diatomaceous earth, presented a „30% difference compared to the human genetic material”, indicating that they belonged to another species. Carbon 14 dates back 1,000 years, and the discovery of these bodies is one of the mysteries that divides the scientific community. The alleged bodies are humanoid in appearance, but their three-fingered hands and feet, strong and light bones, lack of teeth, and stereoscopic vision give them characteristics common to birds. The creatures’ interest, attached to the base of their retractable neck and fat head, is that some of them carry fertilized eggs inside, experts told Congress. Another invention that adds to the mystery is cadmium and osmium implants, the latter expensive, rare and dense, used today for telecommunications and satellites. Extra rarely, their fingerprints are not circular, but rather straight horizontal lines. “We don’t know if they are aliens or not, but they are intelligent and they lived with us. They must rewrite history,” Moussan concluded.

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