Technology in classrooms yes or no? Register for our XIII Education 3.0 meeting

In recent months, a number of people through some public media and social networks have sparked a debate about the use of technology in the classroom. Does it contribute anything? Does it benefit the students or on the contrary creates addiction and distracts them from the goal of learning? To analyze it, we launched the XIII Education 3.0 meeting, this coming Thursday, April 18 at 6:00 pm (Spanish time) 'Technology, ally of education'. Completely free, live and online, registration is required to attend.

Topics and Experts

We will analyze the potential of ICT to improve the teaching-learning process, whether teacher training is sufficient to work with various technologies in the classroom, or how organizations and publishers can help them get the most out of them. But in today's world where we are surrounded by all kinds of technology, we will discuss whether it is possible (and appropriate) to return to an educational system like it was decades ago and that leaves students to use these tools in their spare time.

Moderated by Javier Palazón, Director of Education 3.0, the meeting will be attended by various teachers and experts:

  • Lydia PitsalisHead of Digital Transformation at Edelvivs
  • MARIA DEL MAR SANCHEZMember of the Educational Technology Research Group and Professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia
  • Juanjo GarciaHead of Corporate Education at Epson
  • Virginia VincentHead of Communications and Marketing at Independent School

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