SEPTA promotes Chuck Lawson to transit police chief – NBC Los Angeles

SEPTA has been promoted internally to its top cop position.

On Friday, SEPTA announced the removal of Transit Police Chief Charles „Chuck” Lawson’s temporary tag. He became the Acting Chief of the Traffic Police on July 5, 2022.

„The safety of SEPTA employees and passengers is my top priority,” Lawson said in a news release announcing his promotion.

Lawson has been part of the SEPTA police force working „to protect SEPTA employees, riders and property” since he started as a patrol officer in 1993, SEPTA said. Before being named acting chief, Lawson worked as an inspector for the SEPTA Transit Police Department, „the department’s second-highest ranking role,” according to SEPTA.

„Chuck’s three decades of dedication to the Authority make him an ideal candidate to address the challenges we face in our system every day,” said SEPTA President and CEO Leslie Richards. „Under his leadership, we will continue to improve our safety and security efforts, ensuring a better environment for our employees and passengers.”

Under Lawson’s interim leadership, he emphasized the use of camera technology to combat crime. „During his 10-month tenure as acting chief, SEPTA launched SEPTA’s first virtual patrol unit, using the authority’s extensive range of cameras to aid in crime prevention,” SEPTA said.

“Thanks to all of these efforts, Chuck has overseen the largest recruitment of SEPTA agents in more than 20 years.
In 20 years, we’ve grown our patrol teams by more than 10%,” said SEPTA COO Scott Sawyer. „Having worked in all departments within SEPTA Transit Police, Chuck is uniquely prepared to lead these new hires and our existing officers.

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Lawson is working to boost public confidence in a transit system beset by shootings, anti-social behavior and declining ridership following the Covid-19 pandemic. Lawson will work on buses, trains and trolleys and stations to make people comfortable.

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