Seri Ruam Thai makes the last appeal

General Sereepisuth Temeyaves, head of the Seri Ruam Thai Party, campaigned with key party members and candidates in Khon Kaen on Thursday. (Photo: Cheri Room Thai Party)

Seri Ruam Thai Party leader Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeyaves is pleading with voters who identify as pro-democracy not to forget his party on Sunday’s election day.

Pol Gen Seribesut said the popularity of Phew Thai and Move Forward, two parties allegedly in the democratic camp, could affect his party’s performance.

„Give me and my party your support. Democracy needs diversity. Do not give in to the sentiments of the common people. Please consider our party’s 14-point policy,” he said during a rally in Bangkok’s Thon Puri area on Friday.

„Seri Ruam Thai will stay true to its democratic values ​​and not run up massive debts like this government.”

He said the Seri Ruyam Thai Party had no financiers to pay back and was totally against military intervention in politics.

General Serebiushut said he was offered positions and money to join the coalition after the 2019 elections, but declined because he stood with the pro-democracy camp.

Sretha’s PM conditions

Pew Thai prime ministerial candidate Shretha Tavisin told VOA Thai that she would reject the prime ministership if Pew Thai formed an alliance with General Prayut Chan-o-cha, who led the 2014 coup, or his ally, General Prayuth Chan-o-cha. Prawit Wongsuwon.

In an article published on Wednesday, „Ex-property mogul wants to be Thailand’s next prime minister”, the former property tycoon said he could not see himself working with General Prayuth or General Prawit.

Mr Shretha said he wanted to become Prime Minister to make a huge difference in Thai society economically and socially.

He said in that interview that if the conditions are not right for me, I will gladly reject the post of Prime Minister.

Mr Shretha said it was his sense of frustration that led him to enter politics. He said he was saddened by social inequalities such as education, health or other basic needs.

He said that while Thailand has enormous potential, things need to be done.

Meanwhile, the Pheu Thai Party’s economic committee assured the public on Friday that its policies will be implemented to benefit every social class, especially the grassroots.

During its last press conference on Friday, Prommin Lertsuridej, head of Pheu Thai’s committee, who works in the party’s policies and economic affairs committee, said that every policy aims to help restore the country’s economy.

„One of our main principles is that we focus on everything that helps strengthen society while benefiting people from all groups. This will give some hope to the new generation,” said Dr. Bromin.

PPRP candidate withdrew

The Palang Prasaran Party (PBRP) candidate in Phitsanulok caught hold of his supporters when he announced on social media on Friday that he would withdraw from the general election.

Ashwin Nildao, PPRP candidate for Bitsanulok Constituency 4, has posted on Facebook that he is resigning as PPRP candidate and stopping all campaign activities.

According to Mr Ashwin, his exit was unofficial as the provincial election office told them that they could not drop him when he asked them if he could withdraw from the contest.

He said that he decided to leave because he felt that he was not getting enough support from the PPRB and that there was no point in continuing. He said he has assessed his chances and is confident of securing fourth position in the constituency.

„Other candidates get a full tank in their cars, but my car gets a small amount. I can’t keep up with them,” he said.

Mr Ashwin, however, said that election campaigning for the party-list system would continue to involve workers to distribute materials.

Transparency concerns

The Pew Thai Party is crying foul over the replacement of election officials in Son Puri Constituency 1, many of whom are said to be linked to a political rival.

Pheu Thai representative Jurin Nornua said the party was concerned about transparency following the provincial election office’s decision to replace election officials at 47 polling stations in Constituency 1.

Mr Zurin said the party asked the provincial election office to have three to four former officials per polling station, but the request was rejected. He said the change has raised concerns about transparency in the handling of elections.

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According to Mr Jurin, the former electoral officers had worked in several elections without any problems, but the Provincial Electoral Office decided to make changes following complaints.

Pasakorn Homhuan, the father of Subiban Homhuan, a Pew Thai candidate in the constituency, said he was worried that many of the new officials were said to have ties to a rival party.

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