TV Globo broadcasts Reveillon Festival with LiveU Ecosystem

This year the range has been amplified with an impeccable transmission in terms of technology liveu And in our distributor's professional deployment 2 liveThis allowed a global audience to experience the event in real time.

Jose Luis ReyesVice President LiveULatAm 'Use of technology with LiveUapartnership 2 live This not only expanded the reach of the event, but also set a precedent for future mass event broadcasts around the world. The event was telecasted Globo TV He proved once again how technology liveu „It performs consistently and with broadcast quality in environments with maximum population concentration and high data consumption,” the executive highlighted.

Fabio Eidelberg, Director 2 live With a complete ecosystem of 'providing tools LiveU, We're working with TV Globo to broadcast live the biggest New Year's Eve party in Brazil. Use of backpacks LU800 and LU600 We also used the REMI (Remote Production) model to allow videographers to work handheld. LU-Smart As the famous artist Lyudmila did from the stage, during the exhibition, you should broadcast live from your smartphone.

New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro was not just a local celebration, but a global event that showcased the power of LiveView technology connected to the 5G network. TIM, Tests were held on December 29 and 30, which went on air on December 31 to huge attendance.


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