The Foot Warrior: Enhancing Soldiers’ Capabilities Through Advanced Technology

SISCAP system.

Indira and G.M.V

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In training at the Toledo Infantry Academy, A squadron of Legionnaires evaluated the system by simulating a reconnaissance mission and other day and night surveillance missions. They conducted different shooting tests during the day and night.. The next and final test to be carried out by SISCAP in the coming months will add to this equation the presence of an 8×8 Dragoon armored vehicle, which will act as a communication node between the unit and the tactical command and control center.

Gregorio González, manager of UTE in Indira, explains it „This system will provide the soldier with highly advanced digital capabilities and provide him with a high level of situational awareness.”, by giving him a view enriched by information gathered through his peers and other media. In his view, „One of the big advantages of the system is that it is modular and scalable, allowing it to adapt to the task at hand.”Ensuring maximum ergonomics and minimum weight.

This modularity allows, for example, the addition of electronic aids to the fire performance system to distinguish between friendly and enemy forces, infrared cameras, image intensifiers, laser designators, or image magnifiers. In the case of more complex missions, soldiers can even deploy palm-sized microdrones to reconnoitre the area and reduce risks. The open architecture of SISCAP will allow the incorporation of new functions such as the use of artificial intelligence in the future parsing targets, verifying combatant status, and facilitating system maintenance.

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