LoL's Action 2024 Cinema suggests a glimpse into Yasuo's future

It's an annual tradition to release a new cinematic for Riot Games League of Legends. In fact, when Riot went with the Rift's minimalist tour in 2023 with the movie „Brink of Infinity,” fans rioted on social media. Riot mentioned a desire for a big CGI movie, and this year, the developer delivered „more here.”

“Still Here” is the cinema season of 2024, and it features some familiar faces League of LegendsA list of champions including Gale, Morgana, Audrax, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Kindred, and Ashe. It does not appear to advance the legend in any way; We don't see any characters exchanging dialogue or resolving plot threads. Instead, we see a collection of battles from the history of Runeterra.

The movie opens with the twins Gayle and Morgana, inspired by the divine power from Mount Darkon, facing the monstrous Adrax. Based on their scent-matching attire, this may have taken place in the earlier days of Demacia's history, when the two heroes protected the fledgling nation from harm.

We also see an old Ronin protecting the innocent in a burning village; The warrior reveals himself to be an older version of Yasuo. Perhaps this is a future in which Yasuo finds peace in his various moral woes and continues to stand in defense of the innocents of Ionia.

Finally, the barbarian warrior Tryndamere confronts Kindred, who serves as a metaphysical metaphor for the concept of death in Runeterra. Known for his undying nature, Tryndamere fights both the peaceful lamb and the vengeful wolf. Before they could take his life, he was saved by his wife. Ashe takes out his enemies and they both regroup.

It's neat to see a cinematic cover of so many different scenes, including a distant view of a champion's future.

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