This year in Asia: Money laundering in Singapore, Taylor Swift's snubs, Robert Kwok 100 and other highlights of 2023

Dubbed „Run” cultureMany of China's middle class took the opportunity to flee to freer Southeast Asian pastures and embrace the more affordable investment opportunities available.

'Run' culture: China's well-planned immigration to Southeast Asia

5th place in the world ranking of Indian cuisine

Indian Eaters took to social media at the start of the year to defend their favorite foods A controversial ranking They placed their country's cuisine below Japan, Spain, Greece and Italy.

Some blamed „ignorance” and „racism” for the disappointing display – while other spicy images pointed out that India – like China – does not have one unified cuisine with myriad regional variations.

The world's 5th ranking of Indian cuisine leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Indians


Philippines in Focus: Jeepneys on Jeopardy

Philippines in Focus: Jeepneys on Jeopardy

Filipino drivers lash out at e-jeepneys

President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos JrA move to phase out all of the country's iconic jeepneys faced a severe backlash in March after drivers protested the costly modernization drive „ would be death to us”.
Thousands of drivers went on strike to protest the removal of diesel-powered vehicles, the most popular form of public transport for decades. Philippines Because they were modified and repurposed from US military jeeps left over from WWII.

Filipino drivers show anger as Marcos makes U-turn on Jeepney promise

Malaysia's Hollywood dreams are turning to dust

as Malaysiaof sovereign wealth funds In April A „spectacular” movie studio has sold its stake in a complex to a Singapore-based media company for a fraction of its initial investment, with Malaysian creators lamenting the loss of a facility that never lived up to its promise.

Insiders have blamed the studio's lackluster performance partly on the unhelpful attitude of conservatives in the country towards its creative industries.

As Malaysia's Hollywood dreams crumble, a Singapore company steps in

Taylor Swift will be performing in Singapore on March 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Photo: A.P.

Taylor Swift's only Southeast Asian stop

Swifties in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines were devastated after the American songstress announced she was calling off her sold-out Eras tour in June. Singapore in March 2024 – but nowhere else in Southeast Asia.
It turned out to be the British band Coldplay Six Singapore dates sold outThe region's music fans have left many envious of the city-state's ability to attract major international stars — and wondering if competition is central. Hong Kong has fallen behind.

Taylor Swift's Singapore Concerts Dazzle Malaysian, Thai, Filipino Fans


China's crackdown on telecom fraud with Myanmar could help workers trapped in fraud rooms

China's crackdown on telecom fraud with Myanmar could help workers trapped in fraud rooms

Inside Myanmar's Chinese-run fraud centers

In July, this week in Asia took a Exclusive deep dive The brutal criminal enterprises along the Moi River are evolving into one MyanmarBorder of Thailand.
Interviews with survivors How they were lured by promises of legal, well-paid work, before being trafficked to compounds in the illegal border region, where they were tortured — and threatened with death — by their captors, who forced them to cheat strangers online.

'We can kill you here': Inside Myanmar's illegal Chinese-run fraud centers

A worker uses a mobile phone in a Hanoi park in December. Not all Vietnamese shared equally in the spoils of the country's recent economic boom. Photo: AFP

Vietnam's 'flexors' starkly show rising inequality

Flexible – slang Vietnam For bragging rights – on the rise, with a booming economy and more young people earning qualifications from prestigious US universities with decent salaries.

But not everyone is part of the success story, as many of the country's poor still struggle to keep their heads above water — and even those without a living wage find the high cost of education prohibitive as dark economic clouds gather on the horizon. .

In Vietnam, 'flexers' have American titles, status, and wealth. Others rarely sleep

A massive money laundering case rocked Singapore

It's called a „ Just as serious, if not worse” In Singapore's history of money laundering cases, the laundry list of seized assets ranged from millions of dollars in cash to ultra-exclusive properties, luxury cars and jewels.
The case led to an arrest In the month of August 10 suspects of Chinese origin possessed a cornucopia of other nationalities. A phenomenon called „Citizenship for Sale”. The latest exposes criminals' tool kits for crossing borders, escaping prison, and making billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains.

Singapore's money-laundering probe exposes payment of Chinese criminals' passports

Robert Kwok is pictured surrounded by reporters as he leaves the Council of Eminent Persons meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2018. Photo: Xinhua

Malaysian President Robert Kuok turns 100

Hong Kong President Robert Kwok, Malaysia-born 'Sugar King of Asia'; 100 was made In October, congratulatory messages were delivered by several celebrities, including fellow president Lee Shao-kee and Hong Kong's richest man. Li Ka-shing.

Kuo was among Southeast Asian entrepreneurs disillusioned by the brutality of war who built businesses that evolved with the region's newly independent nations.

Malaysian-born Hong Kong billionaire Robert Kwok celebrates 100th birthday

On December 17, protesters held banners in solidarity with the Palestinians outside the US Embassy in Jakarta. Photo: EPA-EFE

Anti-Israel boycott in Indonesia, Malaysia

Muslims are in the majority IndonesiaAnger at Israel in the conflict turned into widespread boycott Includes McDonald's and Pringles In November, Malaysians took to social media in droves to announce their exit from the Singapore-based Grab app because of a post by the CEO's wife on social media.

'Quacking in their shoes': Malaysians, Indonesians drop brands in Gaza war


Thousands of dead sardines and mackerels wash up on the shores of northern Japan

Thousands of dead sardines and mackerels wash up on the shores of northern Japan

In Japan, large numbers of fish are dying

The mystery is why so many sardines and sub mackerel have died on the coast in the north Japan December confused readers.

On December 7, the fish began drifting ashore, and television footage showed silverfish at ankle-deep 1.5 km beaches.

Local officials estimated that around 1,000 tonnes of fish washed ashore, but suggested the actual figure could be higher.

1,000 tons of fish were found dead on this Japanese beach. Now we know why

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