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(G for Management) It's no secret that a large portion of consumers are looking for it Technology To escape the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Therefore, at least 29% do not feel discomfort if it is an electronic device mobile phone Or TV, for example, tracks your emotions and delivers an experience based on your mood. Surprising, but this is revealed by a recent Euromonitor report on trends for 2024.

Consumers already have a sense of having a sensor at home that allows them to turn lights on or off, automate the washer and dryer, or regulate other things. Household appliances From a cell phonesays Lorena Rojas, president of TCS Peru.

Although it is a growing demand little by little Peru, will continue to accelerate as this offering allows users to sync their devices and share data between them. „Easy and efficient connectivity is essential,” says the expert. Along with this, products that provide efficiency in wireless connectivity and energy usage have also started to be positioned.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, tech brands are eager to get to know their audience better by improving their products, with the aim of providing them with a unique experience. For example, Global home appliance companies They incorporate artificial intelligence to understand a customer's consumption pattern, the information of which is stored in the cloud that feeds the virtual assistant.

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Cloud Kingdom

Consultant Deloitte It predicts that the world will generate 149 zettabytes of data by 2024. Government agencies and all kinds of organizations store detailed information—mainly Technical and financial– Increases huge demand Data centers.

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According to Rojas, these physical spaces are implemented in southern Lima and in the northern part of the country, such as Dagna. “Big companies like Google and Amazon are looking at Peru as a hub for data centers. They are in a strategic area considering the seismic factor, backup and distance between primary data center and secondary data center,” he explains.

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Business concern

While consumers have their needs met in the face of advances in technology, companies in Peru face other challenges.

As cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, cyber security will continue to be a major concern.„Says Daniel Aguilar, Country Manager of Softec Peru. In addition, digital transformation will force companies to adopt new technologies and ways of working. „In order to remain relevant in the market, companies must continue the investments they started years ago”, he notes.

Therefore, the sectors with the greatest investment and commitment to technology in the Peruvian market by 2024 will be the following, according to Softec:

  • Finance: Driven by the need to improve efficiency and customer experience, it is undergoing accelerated digital transformation. Technology investments will focus on areas such as digital banking, cyber security and artificial intelligence.
  • Production: You adopt new technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability. Investments will focus on areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Health: You invest in new technologies to improve quality of care and reduce costs. Investments will focus on areas such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence and data analytics.
  • Retail sales: You adopt new technologies to improve customer experience and increase sales. Investments will focus on areas such as e-commerce, augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • Logistics: This is an important sector for the Peruvian economy, and companies are adopting new technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability.
  • Energy: You invest in new technologies to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency.
  • Mining: You adopt new technologies to improve safety and productivity.

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