Team Francis Nagano slams Deontay Wilder after recent loss, Anthony Joshua tips SuperBot

Impressive performance Francis Nagano displayed against Tyson Fury That has opened the door for the former UFC champion to go up against other major names in boxing. One of his principal coaches, Eric NixickHe recently took on a potential struggle Deontay Wilder. Meanwhile, he talks about a possible match Anthony Joshua.

Although he lost by decision, Frances Nganno gained a moral victory over 'The Gypsy King'. Also, he added to the WBC rankings as he was ranked 10th. Now, there are talks of him fighting Deontae Wilder during an interview with Erick Nixic with 'MMA Junkie'.

Eric Nixick comments on a potential match between Francis Naginno and Deontay Wilder


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Recently the 'Bronze Bomber' Failed vs Joseph Parker Pay-Per-View on 'Day of Reckoning' Eric Nixick believes the loss may have taken some of the shine off a potential fight between Deontay Wilder and Francis Naginno. he said, “It is [Wilder’s loss to Parker] In my opinion, Nagano-Wilder takes some of the shine out of the fight.

Francis Ngannou showed great boxing skills against Tyson Fury and fans are eager to see him back in boxing. However, Deontay Wilder's loss to Joseph Parker could be a factor in fans not seeing the fight as a big deal. „If he wins that fight, I think that would definitely put us in a better situation for a selling point.” Eric Nixick added.

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Aside from the possibility of a fight between Wilder and Nagano, the 'Predator's trainer named another heavyweight who he believes could be a great opponent for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Anthony Joshua over Deontay Wilder?

Despite Deontay Wilder's loss last weekend, there is a chance he will fight Francis Nagano. After all, he is one of the biggest boxing stars out there. Meanwhile, Niksic says plans have not yet been set on whether it will be a boxing match or a mixed-rules bout. He further stated, “If possibleMixed rules, are we going to fight him in MMA first, and then boxing or whatever is going to evolve.

On the other hand, Eric Nixyk also dropped the name of Anthony Joshua as another possible opponent for Francis Naginno. 'AJ' recorded a knockout victory on the same PPV card as Wilder. The Predator's trainer says the 'Day of Reckoning' victory made Joshua a logical opponent. „But after the weekend, I feel like Francis and Joshua are a great pair. Especially in boxing, that's what he's all about. [Ngannou] finish” Niksic added.


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Francis Ngannou seems to have a few options for his next boxing match. But the plans are not yet concrete. We have yet to find out when and where the Cameroonian-French warplane will fight. It remains to be seen if 'The Predator' will get the win and land a title fight and make history.

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