This technology makes solar panels 20% more efficient

RengubeAn Indian solar energy research and development startup, more specifically in solar monitoring, was given One way to avoid one of the biggest drawbacks of solar panels: the constant movement of the sun, which changes the angle of incidence of light on the panels and, therefore, prevents them from collecting maximum energy. The technology developed by this company, esp Capable of increasing energy production by up to 20%

Currently, there are many solutions to capture the energy of the sun such as solar panels; By Solar Observing Systems. That is, the plates move with different motors depending on where the sun is. However, these have some drawbacks. The main one is that moving plates should be installed in places where sunlight hits practically all day; This makes it difficult to use in homes where space is very small.

What Renkube plates do is to distribute these motion motors through an inclusion Static optical tracking technology. It uses glass panels designed with the help of AI.

Rencube's solution for solar panels has many advantages

Solar panels made by Renkube

Renkube did not provide details on the group's development, but offered its benefits. The main thing is that they can Increase the energy efficiency of the solar panel by 20%. This type of plate requires less maintenance and makes it possible to use it in residential areas; For example, on roofs. All these are a CO emission savings of up to 7 megatonnes2 In 25 years Taking 1 GW solar farm as reference.

Along with this, there are also Renkube solar panels Capable of redirecting excess solar energy towards the ground Helps in plant growth.

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For now, yes, this is a developing technology. Renkube is currently working with manufacturers to produce their products, and they hope to have the first samples ready by next year.

Rencube's solution is not the only solution that allows increasing the energy efficiency of solar panels. PythonicsThe technology subsidiary of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has also developed panels capable of generating up to 10% more energy while preventing reflection of sunlight.

This anti-reflective coating is ideal for placing solar panels in places that were previously impossible. In other situations, sunlight reflection in areas with vegetation can actually be a serious problem.

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