Ethereum Name Service partners with GoDaddy to integrate its domain names with blockchain technology.

Key Points:

  • The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has partnered with GoDaddy to integrate domain names with blockchain technology, bringing together conventional DNS and blockchain.
  • The partnership allows more than 20 million GoDaddy users to access ENS' blockchain infrastructure at no additional cost, making it easier to receive cryptocurrency payments.
  • Connecting domains (.com, etc.) to ENS-compliant crypto wallets is simplified, improving the user experience and removing barriers such as high gas fees.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is partnering with GoDaddy to integrate its domain names with blockchain technology. The primary objective is to combine the conventional DNS protocol with blockchain-based names, giving more than 20 million GoDaddy users access to the ENS blockchain infrastructure without the need for additional costs or technical expertise.

The partnership allows users to link their domains, such as the .com extension, to ENS-compliant crypto wallets, thereby facilitating the receipt of cryptocurrency payments. Known as the most widely used naming protocol in crypto, ENS makes it possible to associate human-readable names with complex Ethereum addresses.

Nick Johnson, founder of ENS, said the collaboration seeks to combine the familiarity of DNS with the potential of blockchain technology to facilitate user interactions with Internet domains. The alliance overcomes previous challenges, such as high gas prices, by implementing smart contracts that allow DNS domains to connect to ENS without additional costs.

ENS is actively working to integrate with the traditional Internet, including adding support for domains (.box) that serve as Internet standards. In short, the partnership between ENS and GoDaddy not only facilitates access to blockchain technology for traditional domain users, but also paves the way for greater adoption of cryptocurrency payments.

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The convergence between the familiarity of DNS and the potential of blockchain technology promises to drive innovation in the domain name space in the digital age.

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