LA Lakers fans are confused after the Hornets nearly pulled off a 21-point comeback

LA Lakers Fans weren't happy with their team despite Monday night's win over the Charlotte Hornets. The Lakers nearly blew a 21-point lead before allowing Miles Bridges to explode for 41 points. Nevertheless, the Lakers are now on a three-game winning streak and are two games over .500.

The Lakers ended their six-game road trip with a 124-118 win in Charlotte. They went 4-2 for their road trip, which bodes well for the franchise heading into Thursday's crucial matchup against the Denver Nuggets at Arena.

Anthony Davis led the Lakers with 26 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists in the win over the Hornets, while D'Angelo Russell had 28 points. LeBron James added 26 points, four rebounds and seven assists.


However, some LA Lakers fans on social media are not happy. Some fans were upset that the Lakers could not win against the Charlotte Hornets. Others weren't happy that the Hornets were almost back.

One fan was not happy that the Lakers allowed 41 points from the controversial Miles Bridges:

„We let him abuse us with 41 points like Miles Bridges abused his wife?”

Another fan not impressed with the Hornets being among the worst teams in the league:

„Congratulations on barely beating the Shanghai Sharks.”

This fan was happy with the win, but advised the team to improve their defense:

„Great win but I'm worried about the defense. We can't let the Mile Bridges drop 40.”

Here are other memes and reactions to the LA Lakers win against the Charlotte Hornets:

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What's next for the LA Lakers ahead of the NBA trade deadline?

What's next for the LA Lakers ahead of the NBA trade deadline?What's next for the LA Lakers ahead of the NBA trade deadline?
What's next for the LA Lakers ahead of the NBA trade deadline?

The LA Lakers are back in action on February 8 against the Denver Nuggets, just hours after the trade deadline. The Lakers have been linked to several stars such as Dejaunde Murray and Zach LaVine, while LeBron James has been rumored as a potential trade candidate.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, James could be staying in Hollywood and has made it clear to the Lakers front office that he wants them to be aggressive. The Lakers are currently in ninth place in the Western Conference, but are three games back of the guaranteed final playoff spot occupied by the Phoenix Suns.

„He made it very clear that the Lakers needed to be aggressive,” Windhorst said. „What the Lakers have done in conversations with people I've talked to is that they're willing to trade a 2029 first-round pick.”

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