There is a solar cell that could change the technology and Google seems to be very interested

Ambient Photonics and Google are already working on a device that can be recharged with these solar cells

Solar cells are more efficient than those made from traditional silicon

Nowadays we find real problems in managing the energy consumption of our devices. Mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth speakers or headphones. There are more objects every day We use wireless, so our batteries should be more efficient than they are. Some alternatives include turning cement blocks into batteries, but that's what a company called Ambient Photonics is working to bring. Solar energy technology for our homes.

A very interesting project that can finish batteries in the future

Ambient Photonics (AP from now), which has started to stand out in the solar energy industry. developed bifacial solar cellsA technology capable of capturing light from any source and converting it into energy.

Direct sunlight is not the only one in this capacity Light in shaded conditions and artificial light created by lamps and bulbs. Something even more surprising when you take into account the drive it provides for future technology, similar to how solar energy works from plants.

Ambient photonics bifacial solar cells use very low-cost and dye-sensitized technology, which has been in use since the 90s. Traditionally, dye-based solar cells have been slow to convert energy Compared to diffused versions of silicon, AP bifacial cells overcome this limitation by capturing light on both sides, significantly improving their efficiency. Here's a video they use to explain their project:

This improvement, however small, allows them Triples the efficiency of traditional silicon solar cells, a remarkable achievement that could revolutionize the solar industry. However, despite these achievements, currently these cells do not achieve the performance required for high power-demanding applications, such as the mobile phone you are surely reading this on. So, there is no other option but to continue Investigating this until something else hits the mark

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Now, currently A.P A announced In partnership with Google Technology Production. Not sure which, but it's clear it could be Very interesting.

Dyes, old acquaintances basically solar cells

Dye-based solar cells, also known as dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), are photovoltaic solar cells that mimic the natural photosynthesis process found in plants. Recently, we saw how CSIC introduced a leaf-shaped photovoltaic cell, so the issue is not particularly misleading since it started in the 90s.

however, Its main problem is always lack of efficiencyAP seems to be close to being resolved by its double face in cells.

In short:

  • Ambient Photonics is an energy company that has developed something called bifacial solar cells.
  • They allow us to capture and convert light from any source, including sunlight in the shade and artificial light from lamps and bulbs.
  • They have announced a new project to create electronic products with these cells in collaboration with Google.
  • They are very low-cost solar cells, sensitized with dyes, a technology used since the 90s.
  • The problem is that these cells are generally slower than silicon cells. But these new cells improve it significantly by collecting light energy from both sides.
  • They triple the efficiency of traditional silicon solar cells.
  • At present it is practically impossible to use them on laptops or mobile computers because they do not achieve sufficient performance, so further research is necessary in this regard.

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