According to ChatGPT tdpe, what are the ten happiest songs in history | Answers

Listening to musical melodies rejuvenates the soul, relaxes and provides many other benefits aimed at human well-being. With the development of technology, the Artificial intelligence (IA) is creating a language model capable of solving doubts in a virtual way, and creating a list of topics that often coincide with our tastes, perspective, and imagination. This is the level of information provided by ChatGPT, so we tell you what 10 is, according to an app developed by OpenAI. songs The happiest and most festive in history, and between which years they are located.

CHATGPT: Top 10 Happiest Songs in History According to OPENAI AI

The I.A It creates the power to combine proposed algorithms with creative intent that represent the same capabilities that humans routinely display in everyday life, such as proposing ideas for family play, giving some advice, and putting together your playlist with songs. Invigorate and satisfy yourself.

With this digital tool that effectively collaborates with the flesh and blood, you can learn detailed information about the content and issues of your interest in art, which makes you go back in time, remember the early days and smile again. Through the sound of a musical verse.

Thanks to the request from the Spanish magazine Al ChatGPT of OpenAICheck out this list of songs considered the happiest in history, from oldest to contemporary or modern:

1- Good vibes / The Beach Boys


2- Queen of dance / ABBA


3- Mr. blue sky / Electric Light Orchestra / 4- Three little birds / Bob Marley

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5- September / Earth, Air and Fire


6- Don’t stop me now / Queen


7- Walking in the sunlight / Katrina and the waves


8- I want to dance with someone / Whitney Houston


9- happily / Pharrell Williams


10- Can’t stop feeling / Justin Timberlake


Regarding this playlist, it should be noted that most of the songs are highlighted ChatGPT They date from the 60s and 70s and are sung entirely under the English and international pop rock music genre.

Videos and commentary of the 10 happiest songs in history according to OpenChatGPT

Throughout a long musical history made up of iconic songs by bands such as iconic singer and pianist Freddie Mercury, Queen, the legendary Justin Timberlake, now 42, and global reggae champion Bob Marley. Others, people are now identified by letters ChatGPT In the development of its operations, and in the middle of the 21st century, it manages to transport them to a time when peace and harmony reigned in a world alien to digital globalization.

Enjoy each one 10 Happiest Songs in History According to the chatbot OpenAIAnd briefly remember when they were created and other relevant details:

Can’t stop feeling

The theme was created and composed for the soundtrack of the animated film „Trolls” by DreamWorks Animation.


Another song that is part of a film, this time „My Favorite Villain 2”

Walking in the sunlight

First Katrina and the Waves song by Kimberly Reve to reach the Billboard Top 40

Don’t stop me now

Single and track number 12 from the Jazz album

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The song joins the list of songs from films like „Shaolin Soccer”, „The Nice Guys” and 2016’s „Trolls”.

I want to dance with someone

The theme was released in May 1987 and presented at the Grammy Awards a year later

Three little birds

From the album Exodus, one of Bob Marley’s most popular songs conveys a message of hope and positivity.

Mr. blue sky

The song was written and produced by Jeff Lynne, leader and member of the British band, and has also been used in film productions such as „The Game Plan” since 2017 and Super Mario Bros. in 2023.

Queen of dance

ABBA’s Swedish pop/disco is reflected in the work created to compose this musical theme, which was included on their fourth studio album titled „Arrival”.

Good vibes

Written, composed and produced by Brian Wilson, and his brother Carl performed as part of the instrumental „Let’s Go Away For While”.

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