The US Ambassador expressed confidence that Malaysia will continue to serve as ASEAN Chair

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — The United States (US) is confident that Malaysia will once again be effective as the leader of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2025. Work closely to ensure a fruitful tenure.



Reflecting on Malaysia's previous leadership roles in 2006 and 2015, newly appointed US Ambassador to Malaysia Edgard D Kagan praised the country for its capable leadership and professional diplomacy.

„Malaysia has historically been a very effective ASEAN chair. We have great respect for the competence and professionalism demonstrated by Malaysia in reforming and navigating complex regional dynamics,” he said during his inaugural visit to Bernama TV's „The Nation”. National News Agency headquarters on Monday.

Reaffirming America's commitment to working closely with Malaysia to ensure a successful presidency, Kagan said: „We look forward to working closely with Malaysia to ensure Malaysia has a very successful year.”

As Malaysia prepares for the ASEAN chairmanship in 2025, he said Malaysia must foster closer partnerships within the ASEAN region and beyond to ensure a successful chairmanship.

Kagan said Malaysia's ability to work closely with ASEAN members and many dialogue partners, including the United States, will be critical.

„Malaysia must continue its long-standing tradition of working closely with partners, which ultimately depends on its ability to cooperate with other ASEAN member states and its dialogue partners,” he said.

Describing the bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and the United States in addressing today's evolving geopolitical landscape, Kagan pointed out that joint efforts are always important, especially in counter-terrorism and maritime security.

„The Malaysian and US governments recognize that tackling the multifaceted nature of security threats, including terrorism, cannot be a solo effort,” he said.

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He noted that with the United States' commitment to fostering strong partnerships across the Indo-Pacific region, with Malaysia as a key ally, the relationship can be further strengthened through greater cooperation.

„The work we've done with our Malaysian colleagues, the work Malaysia has done on its own, but also others in the region, and then drawing on our own experiences, has been incredibly powerful and very useful,” he said.

U.S. efforts to strengthen ties with the Quad and other regional powers such as Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore are clear, he said.

„The world is more unstable now than it was a decade ago, and I believe we can work closely with Malaysia to tackle those threats,” he said.

Khagan presented his ambassadorial credentials to Malaysia's King Sultan Ibrahim on March 24.

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