The use of technology in the classroom, artificial intelligence, and psychology are central to the science culture cycle.

The second edition of the Xunta de Galicia Scientific Culture Cycle is aimed at the general public, the academic community and teachers. Under the title Meaningful technologyStarting April 4, several topics will be addressed under the general axis of technology, such as its use in classrooms, its relationship with child and adolescent health, and psychology or artificial intelligence.

The Xunta organizes this cycle at a time when the use of technologies in the education sector is also a matter of debate. Its aim is to provide certainty and contribute to a serious and documented reflection based on high-level experts and research.

You can follow them in person at the Nira Vilas Auditorium of the Biblioteca de Galicia from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, and will be broadcast Streaming On the YouTube channel of the Consellería de Cultura, Educación, Formación Professional e Universities.


In the first sessions, on April 4, Hector Ruiz Martin, researcher and director International Science Teaching FoundationThey will reportWhat does research say about using technology in the classroom?.

For her part, writer and columnist Laura Espido Freire will be responsible for the intervention on April 22. Words and Thought: Science and Its Narrative.

Already in May, on the 2nd, Jose Cesar Perales, professor of experimental psychology at the University of Granada, Myths and evidence about intensive use of devices and applications in the network; On the 16th, Juanjo Montiel Perez, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, will present an overview of disability and the full integration of technology at the conference. Technology and Access.

On May 28, Javier Saéz de los Terreros, responsible for digital communication at the Prado Museum in Madrid, will present the report to participants on how to present technology to visitors who do not visit museums. Digital communication strategies. Social networks of the Prado Museum.

On June 4, it was the turn of Francisco Bellas Pausa, artificial intelligence researcher and expert at the CITIC and Center for Education and Digital Innovation of the Universidad da Coruña. Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Let's Go Slow.

The last conference, chaired by Cercas health expert Luis Sánchez Santos, will take place in June, with a date yet to be set. It will provide a perspective from pediatrics and health sciences along with the report Crossing Child and Adolescent Health and Technology.

Teachers attending the full cycle will be awarded a 12-hour teacher training certificate. The talks will form a book, each of which will have a specific article. A book dealing with the cycle celebrated in 2023 entitled Sounds scientific but it isn'tThe first sessions will be held on April 4.

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