The society is launching its AI Office to promote the use of this technology to improve public services

Among its functions, it will encourage innovative programs to make citizen service „more efficient and personalised”.

Madrid, 14 May. (Europe Press) –

Today, the Community of Madrid launches a new Technical Office for the Promotion of Artificial Intelligence, headed by Digitization Minister Miguel López-Valverde, responsible for promoting the use of this technology to „improve public services”.

By publishing the decree in the Regional Official Gazette (BOCM), the regional administrator is committed to modernizing key sectors such as health, education or industry, giving the green light to the initiative. The body was created to coordinate and develop disruptive projects that would help make citizen service „more efficient and personalised”.

In particular, their work will be aimed at defining what the general strategy will be in this regard, ensuring the necessary resources to implement it and coordinating the other institutions involved, the Madrid executive said in a statement.

Likewise, it will focus promotion, research and analysis work in this area and increase the value of investments made in various areas of management.

This AI Office will have representatives from all Ministries and collaboration from major national and international technology companies, whose use cases can be evaluated for use.

Multinational companies and start-ups are already developing solutions with AI to provide services to citizens, with applications aimed at solving doubts, streamlining procedures or providing information; Disaster prevention and response and disaster anticipation through data analysis; Security and surveillance, using facial recognition systems or infrastructure maintenance, with systems that can predict malfunctions.

Knowledge, experience and skill

In this sense, the regional government wants to use the knowledge, experience and value that companies in the sector can provide for the benefit of society.

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For this purpose, the AI ​​office will identify pilot projects, prepare a list of regional objectives and those aligned with the strategy, and promote their development and implementation in Madrid’s public services.

At the same time, it will ensure compliance with regulations to ensure the responsible and ethical use of technology, carry out studies and evaluate the economic impact of its use on Madrid society.

Its functions include preparing recommendations, coordinating ministries related to the use of this instrument and collaborating with other administrations.

Currently, the Madrid executive is conducting some experiments using artificial intelligence.

Thus, for example, in health matters, programs are used to assist physicians in the clinical decision-making process or to provide simulation environments for the training of professionals; In Justice, a 360º search engine operates so that judges, prosecutors and judges can carry out quick information queries on more than 37 million documents and more than 300,000 digital videos and, in terms of the environment, can now obtain accurate predictions. Air or pollen quality thanks to using this technology.

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