Design, art and technology are the basics of creating an OPPO cell phone

Next best selling cell phone OPPO It can already be tested Center for Industrial Design A division of the company with around 200 employees from various countries. Installation Manager, I believe Liureceives a delegation Journalists Inside China A to tell how Skilled of the brand in terms of design.

The aim, he says, is to create a space where design, art and the three main elements come together Technology.

Underlying each of these concepts are different profiles of collaborators. While an industrial designer maps out an idea for a device, a CMF designer explores colors or textures, or a prototype technician creates by hand different shapes of what a product could be.

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„We want to provide users with a moving and durable design without boring them,” Lui insists on more than one occasion.

Non-boring is taken very seriously. In fact, the manager explains, designers carry their different „models” with them, living with them over time to determine whether they continue to be new or interesting.

Behind a family of smartphones or other devices OPPO There is a history of models on the market, each with different specifications, Liu says.

„Beauty, design, is the fundamental condition of our company’s existence, so we dedicate many resources to this area,” declares Liu.

Regarding the concept of Smartphones, explaining that it usually takes about 18 months. In other words, when a new mobile phone comes out mercadoIts next two generations are already being developed in the design area commanded by Liu.

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In the process, some customer feedback OPPO, who presents ideas about prototypes. Appropriate changes are made and then, the new feedback is taken to a random user.

Although each stage has its degree of difficulty, Liu summarizes that the most difficult thing is choosing one design over another.

A series like this is true Discover the N3 Flip There is more to the female audience Find N2 For a man?

Liu reaffirms this belief as the design and functions of the former are geared towards women. However, this is not conclusive.

„More than 40 percent of users Flip over It is represented by men. Apart from that, there is also a black color for those who prefer it,” says the manager.

He adds that the difficulty in catering to the needs of a female audience is much greater than that of a male audience.

„So, with a product that adequately meets the needs of women, it is likely to meet the needs of male users as well,” he concludes.

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