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When Trey Augustin came on in relief of Alex Lyon the other night against Germany, the move took on more significance than one might at first think. Augustin turned 19 last February. But even though dozens and dozens of teenagers have played in the IIHF World Championship since 1930, the number of teen goaltenders is far fewer. In fact, only 19 teenagers have played in the WM. Here is a brief summary of their special introductions.

Herbert’s Cuskis (LAT) Cole was the first Dean in WM history, making his debut on February 18, 1933, 15 days before his 20th birthday. Alas, a 5-1 loss to Switzerland.

Esco Niemi (FIN) Began his WM career in 1954 aged 19, playing one game, a 12–1 loss to Czechoslovakia on 1 March.

Juhani Lahtinen (FIN) He was 19 when he represented Finland at the World Championships in Oslo in 1958. This was during Finland’s early struggles with the first tournament. Lahtinen went 0-0-3 and scored 38 goals, including his first career WM game on March 2 in a 10-0 loss to the Soviets.

Like Lahtinen, Vladimir Nature (TCH) Started in 1958, winning 7–1 against Poland on 3 March. The next day, he turned 20, making him the „oldest teen” to play in a WM game!

Urpo Ylonen (FIN) Appeared as a 19-year-old at the 1963 Worlds, playing just 29 minutes in one game, allowing four goals, and taking the loss. Two and a half months later, he turned 20.

Dore Nielsen (NOR) Played only one game in his WM career, and perhaps that one appearance came on March 5, 1965, in a 14-2 loss to the Soviets. Three months later he turned 20.

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Vladislav Tretiak (URS) He was the only 17-year-old in WM history to play parts of six games at the 1970 World Championships in Stockholm.

Late Lindbergh Leather (SWE) Began his WM career in 1979, making his debut halfway through his 19th birthday in April.

Dominic Hasek (TCH) He made his debut with Czechoslovakia in 1983 after his 18th birthday, the same year he played in his first three World Junior Championships. He played two games, a 5–1 loss to the Soviets on 23 April. His second came three days later in an 11–0 win against Italy.

Mike Richter (USA) Played parts of two games in 1986, starting with a relief appearance for Tom Barasso on April 18. total. Richter allowed five goals and was scoreless in both games. He didn’t turn 20 until later that year.

Evgeny Belosheykin (URS) On April 12, 1986, five days before his 20th birthday, the elder WM debuted. Beating Sweden 4-2 to clinch the gold medal. Belosheykin went 7-0-0 in the tournament.

Mike Dunham (USA) Made his first appearance for the USA at the 1992 Men’s World Championships, appearing in three games with an 0-0-1 record and a 3.92 GAA.

Rick DiPietro (USA) Made his debut in 2001, going 0-1-2 in three games.

Thomas Truguest (ITA) Just made the cut. Born on May 28, 1986, he played parts of two games at the 2006 World Championships in Riga.

Andre Licenstone (NOR) He made his debut for Norway at the 2008 WM, appearing on May 3, 2008 in Halifax during the IIHF’s 100th Anniversary Championship in Canada. It was a 5–1 loss to Slovakia, Leisenstone’s only appearance in that tournament.

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Lars Volden (NOR) Played one game at the 2012 WM, a 4–2 loss to Russia on 6 May, when he was three months shy of his 20th birthday.

Andriy Vasilevsky (RUS) Played twice in 2014 as a 19-year-old, first on May 12, in a 6-1 win over USA.

Alexey Kolosov (PLR) Four months after turning 19, he played four games at the 2021 WM. He posted an 0-0-2 record and a 4.17 GAA.

Which brings us to Trey Augustine (USA)He came on in relief early in the second period against Germany on 11 May 2024, less than three months before Alex Lyon’s 19th birthday. He allowed one goal on 12 shots. He didn’t win, but got his name as the World Championship ten tender in the select group.

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