Venice earned almost €1 million in the first 11 days of tourist tax

Starting April 25, the city of Venice applies a tourist tax to day-trippers on select days. The city has now shared that nearly €1 million was collected in the first 11 days of the levy.

In a statement summarizing the success of the first 11 days of the tourist tax in particular, from April 25 to May 5, the city of Venice shared that a total of 195,000 tickets were sold online and offline, bringing in € slightly above expectations. 975,000 Euros. However, that amount is still less than the cost of introducing the fare and setting up the ticketing system.

Currently being implemented on a trial basis, the €5 charge applies to all-day tourists arriving in Venice between 8:30am and 4pm on selected dates. City residents, overnight guests, students and children below 14 years of age are exempted from paying the toll along with some other categories. However, even those who qualify for an exemption must fill out a form on the City of Venice’s website.

For testing, 29 days have been selected to use the line:

  • 25-30 April
  • 1-5 May
  • 11-12 May
  • 18-19 May
  • 25-26 May
  • 8-9 June
  • 15-16 June
  • 22-23 June
  • 29-30 June
  • 6-7 July
  • 13-14 July

If the tourism fee is maintained on certain dates after the July 14 revaluation, the proceeds will be used to maintain roads, canals and buildings. Taxes may increase by up to €10 per day during particularly busy periods. The fee is not meant to stop tourists altogether, but to shift their arrival to low seasons and convince people to stay longer than a day, which is more beneficial to the Venetian economy than day-trippers.

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