„The impact of inappropriate technology use on young people is seen with increasing frequency” – News and Heroes

This was pointed out by a pediatrician at 99.9 and the head of the Information and Communication Technology Subcommittee of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics about the New York case against some social networks for being „addictive and dangerous”.

A recent lawsuit filed by the state of New York against certain social networks for what they consider to be „addictive and dangerous” for children and adolescents has already sparked a debate about the real impact that can be seen in some parts of society.

He spoke about this 99.9 Silvina Pedroso, pediatrician and president of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Subcommittee of the Pediatric Society of Argentina, notes “The impact of using technology inappropriately and across all age groups is more prevalent in counseling. Because it has to do with misuse during the pandemic, and now we have the consequences. We need to think about what is happening with adults and technology and why we leave children alone with technology.

Nowadays, young people tend to conduct their personal relationships virtually, and that can cause difficulties: “We find that online activity is more prevalent than face-to-face activity among pre-adolescent or adolescent children. It creates habits that border on addiction, from everything associated with gratifications such as „likes”, positive comments, etc. to the person who needs approval from peers. This causes the stimulus to be recognized as pleasant and the action to be repeated. It starts as a constant where the boy loses control.

Dr. According to Petruso, it is important to inculcate healthy habits from childhood, because everything inculcated in childhood is beyond habit: „It starts with habits when they're children, thinking about what's happening to us that doesn't set limits on almost anything. Usually there's no reflection on these issues at home. Parents are confused, and because it can be a search for company, information, recognition or relationships, what motivates them to do this? „We have to think about that. We have to make sure they have a balance with sleep times, physical activity, other relationships with their families, and try to encourage them to engage in pro-social activities like sports. Having too few children is the biggest problem.”

Regarding the use of social networks, finally, he highlighted that there is a fundamental truth in this matter: „I know very few families who read the terms and conditions every time they allow their children to enter a social network. You should, because all the sites have had to adapt their privacy policies and most of the controls are configured as adults when applied.

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