Global election hot list: Indonesia, Poland, Kenya

Authoritarian Landslide

The presidential election was held on February 14, 2024

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Former general Prabowo Subianto is predicted to win Indonesia's presidential election with more than 50% of the vote in the first round, a contest one analyst said could spell „the end of democracy.” Although the official vote certification will take place in March, unofficial tallies confirmed Prabowo's landslide victory. After joining his former rival's cabinet as defense minister, Prabowo was perceived by analysts to have moderated his tone – despite his long history of human rights abuses. It has scared many people Eventually a return to autocracy.

Disruptive parties

Assembly elections in 2024

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Several new parties are threatening to undermine the dominance of the ruling African National Congress in South Africa, with a general election looming. According to the poll, the presence of new groups backed by key political figures could push the ANC below the parliamentary majority it has commanded since the end of apartheid. In one poll, the nation's spearhead movement, backed by former president Jacob Zuma, is tied Rivalry with the ANC to the first place In a state. There is also a party led by a former Johannesburg mayor who is contesting national elections for the first time this year.

AfD dynamics

European Parliament and State elections in 2024

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The anti-immigration Nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has taken center stage in German politics as decisive votes for both the European Parliament and state elections in 2024 will be the party's stronghold in eastern Germany. After the conference Both neo-Nazis and AfD officials To discuss the „mass deportation plan”, radical protests spread across the country, strengthening the anti-party movement. In Some pollsThe AfD has lost significant support since the revelation – albeit in Berlin, that is Almost doubled Its result was a recent rerun of the election.

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Delay reversed

Presidential election in 2024

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Senegal's election delay has been overturned by the country's Constituent Assembly, after a mass backlash over the move. There was a presidential bid to push the vote to December Cancelled, restoring the original election timeline. After the delay, protests rocked Senegal, which faced a crackdown by state forces before the verdict. ECOWAS, the regional bloc of West Africa Let the movement slide while struggling with its own inner turmoil.

Haley's last stand

Presidential election in November 2024

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South Carolina could see the end of the Republican nomination race with Nikki Haley trailing in her home state, even as former President Donald Trump's NATO comments raised the stakes. Polls now Trump pushed back on Haley, Haley lost to „nobody” on the ballot after a Nevada primary loss. The South Carolina tournament is the last tournament before Super Tuesday, where the main portion of the delegation will be allocated.

Got a rise in talent

Presidential election in 2025

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Poland's parliamentary speaker – and former host of the country's Got Talent – is rising in the polls for the 2025 presidential election. Simone Holonia, who co-hosted the Polish version of the pageant, has risen in support since being elected Marshal of the Sejm, where she was praised. Renewal of Public Interest in Parliamentary Affairs. Now the polls have him leading About 30% of the votesHe may face tough competition in next year's presidential election.

Speedy justice

General Election in June 2024

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The former chief justice of Mexico's Supreme Court is bringing her Swifty credentials to the presidential campaign. Mexico, homeland One of the biggest Taylor Swift fans in the world, has seen several politicians approach the singer's platform in recent years. Arturo Saldivar, who resigned as president of the Mexican Supreme Court to support Claudia Sheinbaum in this year's election, was dubbed the „Swifty Minister” by news outlets after reaching out to the community on TikTok. Not everyone was impressed, however — one Taylor Swift fan quoted by Rest of the World called Zaldivar's outreach a „calculated strategy.”

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Michel Bolsonaro

Presidential election in 2026

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Former President Jair Bolsonaro may be barred from running again, but his wife Michelle is not – and emerged with 23% of the vote in a new poll. The current president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is still there Well ahead More than 37%. Jair Bolsonaro was constitutionally barred from seeking office until 2030 following allegations of fraud following Brazil's last election. The length of the ban has fueled a wave of speculation that Bolsonaro's family members could replace him.

Trump-loving millennial VP?

Presidential election in 2027

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Ndindi Nyoro, a 38-year-old member of parliament and confidant of Kenya's president, has been announced as a potential vice-presidential candidate in 2027, creating a clash of personalities within the government. Nioro has been As mentioned in news sources As for his admiration for Donald Trump, he believes his policies have „worked well for the American people.” Nyoro believes in Singapore-style government, advocating a „direct and ruthless” approach. Incumbent Vice President Rigati Kachagua dismissed the replacement buzz surrounding Nyoro as „childish”.

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