Digital channels as the new standard for B2B sales

For Mexican consumers, the Internet has become one of the main channels that enrich their purchasing decisions. This is due to the fact that Internet penetration in Mexico will reach 78.6% in 2022, whereby more than 100 million Mexicans will use the Internet to find information (72%), stay in touch with their acquaintances (66%) or research products. Brands (57%).

While this may seem more relevant to consumer product buyers, on the consumer side Business to Business (B2B) There has also been a significant shift in the use of digital channels for sales.

B2B sales trends have changed

According to a study conducted by Sales force By 2022, more than 50% of B2B companies worldwide will sell through social media, company website and digital channels. Markets from third parties online. These have replaced other traditional channels used by B2B companies such as customer service centers, direct sales and independent distributors.

„This is an important paradigm shift that B2B companies can only benefit from by selling through more traditional channels. In Mexico and LATAM, companies can start to be part of this trend and develop strategies that allow them to expand their sales channels. More efficient and scalable alternatives,” says G2. Jorge Gonzalez Casque, managing partner of Consultores.

Today, as part of adopting digital channels for B2B sales, 40% of shoppers use social media to inform and support their purchase decisions. These new trends in buyer behavior represent an important shift in the way companies navigate their budget allocation strategies, as Gartner confirms that B2B companies are devoting more than 12% of their marketing budgets exclusively to social media.

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Going forward, these trends are expected to continue, with the volume of revenue from digital channels for B2B businesses expected to reach 30% by 2025.

G2 Consultants developed three key points to develop a digital sales strategy for B2B:

  1. Define the appropriate digital channels for your product or service: It consists of analyzing which are the most appropriate channels to sell your product or service. For this it is important that you know the preferences of your customers Criterion About how your competition or internationally prominent companies are doing it. This way, you can identify which digital channels can be integrated with the current ones you already use and create sales objectives for each of them.
  2. Enable selling or offering your product or service on digital channels: Once you’ve decided to incorporate a sales strategy into digital channels, it’s important to prepare the organization to use them and make sales. This may have implications for the sales force’s training needs in the new sales process, as well as the incorporation of technology leads to Digital channels and, in some cases, being able to deliver a product or service through those digital channels.
  3. Type leads to Digital through a content strategy: To sell online, you need leads to It comes from digital communication channels. The best way to do this is through a marketing strategy. Content MarketingIt’s about attracting and building trust with your company’s audience through valuable content that contributes to building relationships with your customers and shows your knowledge in your field.

The content strategy should serve as a basis for spreading the product or service’s key positioning message through social networks, the website, and organic and paid search engines. For this, it’s important to know what your audience’s pain points are and through which channels they are being communicated with, so you can create key content that can be best distributed to attract a large audience.

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„Digitalizing B2B sales is not an easy task, but it is necessary to maintain competitiveness. It requires strategic, technical and budgetary efforts for a successful implementation,” notes González Gasque.

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