Fabiola Martinez’s First Words After Learning That Bertin Osborne Will Be Gabriela’s Father

Bertin Osbourne and his girlfriend, model Gabriela Gillen, are expecting their first child together. A few days ago, the singer and presenter distanced himself from rumors related to Gabriela, saying that he was going to live this phase of his life „as he wanted” and that he had „50 friends”. However, this July 12, the rumors have been confirmed: the model and businessman – who is twice the artist’s age – is the woman who has captured his heart. In a few months, The couple will receive their first child together in their arms. It’s the seventh for Bertin—Christian (who died 15 days after birth), Alejandra, Eugenia, Claudia, Gig and Carlos—and her first.

Bertin Osborne and Gabriela, pictured at a photo shoot for El Cabot, where they met in the spring of 2022.

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Tees Minutos spoke exclusively with Fabiola Martinez, the artist’s ex-wife. and the mother of his two young children: Gig and Carlos, born prematurely and with cerebral palsy. The couple, who announced their separation in January 2021 after 20 years of relationship, have since maintained their relationship for the sake of their children. In fact, the two have sometimes posed together Last June when they hosted the Bertin Osborne Foundation’s solidarity initiative „Unity Beard”. They were created to help families who were drowning in a sea of ​​doubts and difficulties, like they were after Kike’s birth.

Fabiola Martinez and Bertine Osborne

Fabiola Martinez and Bertin Osborne together during a performance by the Bertin Osborne Foundation in June 2023.


Speaking with Diez Minutos about the presenter’s future fatherhood, Fabiola shows that loving relationship with her words. Ex-wife of singer and presenter She wants her ex-partner to „be happy” and, most of all, to „enjoy this new parenthood a lot.”.

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News of Bertin’s new father has been released by Lexuras. says the magazine Gabriela—Kabi, as her friends call her—is in her first trimester of pregnancy And for one of its first reviews already looked at the Social Security Center. At present, it is not possible to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Bertin and Gabriela met in April 2022 when they both starred in a campaign for fashion house El Cabot.. Since then they have been seen together on several occasions, but the presenter has always insisted that they are just friends, she is not his girlfriend and he is not in love with her. Of course, he admitted to visiting his home in Seville several times Gabriela is „charming, kind, very beautiful”. Gabi, in addition to being a model, is also an entrepreneur. He has an aesthetic center in Madrid and, as Bertin said, he is a physiotherapist.

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