The future of technology is now

Guadalajara Jalisco.

Applications of artificial intelligence have reached the future.

In the show TVmorphosis Ecuadorian trainer in new technologies Christian Espinosa With artificial intelligence, Lenses is a great tool for producing audiovisual content.

Real time is entering a new phase due to live broadcasts They are no longer dependent on mobile phones. I have it here, and I actually record, but I don’t just record or transmit directly without depending on my hands.

Let’s think about the coverage now in Israel’s war, let’s think about the games, the testimonials, and they come with artificial intelligence, which allows me to detect what’s around me. Ask questions in the GPT chat Ask questions when I say the future is cyborg creativity.

Although the ethical issue of using these lenses is not much discussed, it is true Technological advancement of a gadget Thus, the work done by this reporter is quite amazing.

„Vertical recording glasses are designed for creators Content for Networks.

The previous version was recorded horizontally, the audio is spectacular, it’s like they have a stabilizer in the nose, you don’t depend on anything, you can receive calls and answer calls, now it’s more accessible. $350 for Ray Baum.

The first to come with artificial intelligence, the competition from Snapchat, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality is the difference, that is, they have information on the lenses. As I read, what mixed reality gives me, this is a new phase that we’re about to enter, let’s remember that. „Apple introduced vision guides that are on that path.”

  • The future is upon us I.A Often the protagonist of this moment in history.
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