Gender equality in technology, a long-term path

Epson celebrates Basic stock of Women In the field of technology Gender equality and reaffirms its commitment diversity At all organizational levels.

Guerrero stood out Challenges and opportunities He found out while changing departments and entering Technology:

Gender Equality in Technology Associated with the spokesperson; has been Witness the progress of women At strategic levels.

Throughout his career Various corporate Department and now inside Epson:

Al to face challenges Women face that emphasized Importance Break barriers And change feelings:

As for the futureThat was his view High direction and their strategic positions Most Sean At the helm by women.

which It will be proof Integration of Equality of men and women And this Equality In Business Leadership.

Currently, at Epson There is a balance In the leadership team with a Equal distribution between men and women.

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Also, be careful From your professional developmentBut Promotes personal growth and a balance between the two.

Thus, the company reaffirms Your commitment of Promote equality opportunities.

Hence the company working A to create An inclusive environment All voices there are listened to and valued.

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