The government aims to certify 20 percent of tourism and creative economy businesses

Tangarang (ANTARA) – Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaka Salahuddin Uno has set a target to standardize and certify 20 percent of Indonesian tourism and creative economy businesses in the next 10 years.

„Currently, the standardization rate is about one per cent. So, we want to invite various parties to increase the standardization in the tourism sector by 20 per cent in the next decade,” he noted in Tangarang, Bandon on Thursday (February 29). )

The minister noted that standardization and certification processes for operators of tourism and creative economy businesses are heavily centralized in and around Jakarta.

Therefore, he emphasized more equitable processes to reach out to business players in all Indonesian regions in hopes of developing world-class tourism destinations.

Uno explained that the government is seeking to issue CHSE certificates to more tourism businesses, tourist attractions and tourism products in an effort to provide assurance of cleanliness, safety and environmental protection to tourists.

He further stressed that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has appointed the Tourism Business Certification Agency (LSPr SUPI) to issue certificates to business players who adhere to applicable standards.

He expressed hope that the imminent change of power would not derail Indonesia's efforts to certify more tourism and creative economy businesses.

„I hope the next administration will continue the policy. We still see many cases of accidents and cleanliness due to non-compliance, so I hope standardization will be a priority,” he said.

To that end, he stressed that regional governments should participate in achieving the certification goal by conducting oversight, with the ultimate goal of creating a more conducive, effective and simplified ecosystem for investment and business activities.

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„Therefore, standardization will not only protect tourists but also provide protection to workers and business players in the tourism and creative economy sectors,” he concluded.

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