'The Taste of Things' starring Juliette Binoche

This week, we talk to the FT's restaurant critic Tim Hayward and our food and drink editor Harriet Fitch Little about 'The Taste of Things'. The film is set in 1850s France and follows the relationship between a talented chef played by Juliette Binoche and the food enthusiast (Benoit Maghimel) who hires her. 'The Taste of Things' has received widespread critical acclaim – critics say 'you can taste every shot' – and is France's entry in the Best International Film category at the Oscars. What does the film say about the relationship between food and pleasure? Beyond the food – what is it really about?


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'The Taste of Things' Now screening in UK and US cinemas

– 5 star review by FT the taste of things, By Leslie Felperin, here: https://on.ft.com/3InhBNP

– Tim is on X and Instagram @timhayward. It's Harriet @HarrietFL

– Read Tim's latest column Here. You can also pre-order his upcoming book Steak: The Full Story Here. It releases on May 24.


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