Technology trends that will transform business in 2024 | Digital transformation

Technology evolves at a dizzying pace and allows for rapid changes and advancements. Within this constant evolution, artificial intelligence will play a key role in 2024, along with other trends that represent a great technological and digital revolution. According to Sage, these are the tech trends that will win in the coming months:

1. Use and application of generative artificial intelligence

AI has been used for image and speech recognition for years. Additionally, it is present in navigation apps and personal assistants on smartphones, among other devices. In this sense, generative AI will continue to grow in 2024, but there are several aspects to consider:

–Companies are turning to private models to protect the confidentiality of their information.

–The protection of personal data will be fundamental, so it is expected that a regulation will be approved at the European level.

–Any organization using generative AI must ensure the credibility of sources, the accuracy of information, and that intellectual property rights are respected.

The AI ​​market is expected to generate $190 billion by 2025 and will expand across multiple sectors and organizations regardless of their size. Increased use of artificial intelligence will help predict demand for services and contribute to simplifying decision-making. Business results.

2. Standard technology

Green technologies will be a priority for companies in 2024. This means that more efficient technologies should be used in terms of energy use. Technologies used in organizations must depend on non-renewable resources. Through this, corporate social responsibility and achievement of sustainable development objectives will be promoted. Sustainable technologies include AI, automation and the cloud.

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3. Smart apps

Intelligent applications are proactive, i.e. characterized by anticipating the user's decisions or preferences; customized so that they are always adapted to the needs of the user; Compatible with other platforms so that the user can use different platforms and experience continuity; And always adapting to the user's environment, the experience is always better.

4. Industrial Cloud Platforms

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for cloud platforms to suit every industry. In 2024, cloud technology solutions will evolve to be tailored to the industrial sector, with the aim of solving specific problems such as logistics, regulation or the need for scalability.

5. Promotion of no code technology

No code technology helps you design or develop applications using intuitive tools. These allow you to drag and drop elements, eliminating the need for developers to write code. Gartner says 70% of applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies, down from less than 25% in 2020. 70% of applications developed by enterprises use low-code or no-code technologies.

6. Development and implementation of robots

Robots no longer only work in factories, but can also perform other specific tasks such as delivery or customer service. Robots will become increasingly versatile and, thanks to the use of AI, they can bring efficiency and productivity to companies.

7. Satellite Internet connection

Internet connectivity based on satellites using low-Earth orbits will be more widely adopted and work at lower altitudes (2,000 kilometers) allowing greater efficiency. This can be advantageous for applications such as video conferencing, instant messaging or collaborative document work.

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In short, 2024 will be a great year for technological development. This challenging landscape has also created an ideal time to change the way we do business. A breakthrough to adopt new business management solutions helps companies face these tough times and turn them into a competitive advantage.

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